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We look around the world today, and many of us realize (finally!) how many incredible environments and creatures have been lost to greed, poor planning, widespread ignorance and apathy.

Most of them will never be restored. We will never be able to offset the damage done.

Our singer/songwriters grieve the loss. "They paved paradise to put up a parking lot." (Big Yellow Taxi). "They call it paradise, I don't know why. Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye." (Don Henley).


After 50 years of fronting the Wee Jams, a rhythm and blues soul band of North Boroughs origin and national popularity, lead singer Bill Dell has decided to call it quits.

While the band may play on, it will be without the voice that sang lead on such songs as "Patti Ann," and "Pretty Young Girls," two of the songs that became signature recordings for the group that has entertained audiences for 50 years in Western Pennsylvania and beyond, South Carolina providing the band's favorite out-of-area fan base.


BENEFITS OF MUSICAL THEATER Editor: It was a magnificent joy to watch our Northgate kids perform "All Shook Up," a musical set in 1955 with Elvis’ music and Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" plot. Musical theater has become a wonderful community tradition that gives back to our community, yet it is severely threatened by the state budget cuts.


Newspaper reports described streets clogged with fans trying to catch a glimpse of the singer as she approached the theater where she was scheduled to perform. The venue was “Standing Room Only” long before her arrival, with tickets selling for the equivalence in today’s money of nearly $200. Thousands unable to get tickets gathered beneath the windows of her dressing room, hoping to hear the distant sound of her voice.


Eric Lawry relaxes in a coffee shop and flips through a magazine of lists.

A list of the world's best beaches. A list of the world's tallest buildings

Not included in this magazine are two categories that he'd like to add: The most popular blues and rock music festivals of the past year, and the most popular bands appearing at them.

Because if such lists were compiled, Eric would be associated with both.