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I checked to see if there was a full moon on Wednesday. Given the jaw-dropping displays that occurred in government settings across the North Boroughs, I was sure the moon was exerting some major influence.

Nope. No full moon. Not even a new moon, or even a quarter moon. The moon could not be responsible.

There must be something in the water.


Bellevue will not be entering into a contract to outsource its bookkeeping work, at least not right now.

A representative of Bookminders spoke at the pre-council meeting two weeks ago, estimating that it would cost the borough about $25,000 a year to hire the company to take over data entry work being done by the borough's financial clerk. Finance committee chair Kathy Coder said this would free up the clerk for more important work.

At that time, neither the clerk nor director of administrative services Ron Borczyk had reviewed the company's written proposal.



The Emsworth Zoning Hearing Board plans to announce a decision next month on whether to grant the variances needed to build a cell phone tower on property along Camp Horne Road.

Crown Castle wants to build a larger cell tower to replace Emsworth's current cell tower. The proposed tower would be nearly twice as tall, would hold antennas for as many as five carriers, and it would be relocated to a site that would provide increased coverage along the Camp Horne Road corridor.



The only cell tower in Emsworth may be relocated and enlarged, if the variance requests of a tower company are granted by the Emsworth Zoning Board. The board will hold a meeting next week to hear more comments from the public.

A zoning hearing was held Thursday, June 11, at the Emsworth Borough Building, during which Crown Castle, a company that owns more than 50,000 towers across the United States, sought relief from permitted use and property setbacks in accordance with Emsworth Zoning Ordinance No. 925.


A plan for repairing the wall along West Riverview Avenue in Bellevue has been proposed by the new borough engineer.

Ben Gilberti, who last month replaced longtime engineer John Rusnak as HRG’s representative for Bellevue, said that the geotechnical study done of the area has produced recommendations for the repair work.

The wall collapsed nearly a year ago, in April of 2014. The wall is part of a structure that supports the brick roadway along that portion of West Riverview.


Three Bellevue Council seats left undecided after the primary election will be filled by voters who go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

In the borough’s first ward, two seats are open, and only one incumbent is on the ballot.Current council member Kathy Coder is joined on the Republican ballot by Megan Swackhammer. The Democratic ticket features Henry Lenard and Mike Braunlich. In The third ward, incumbent Democrat Lynn Tennant Heffley is running against Republican Grant Saylor. first ward


It was time for the tables to turn at Bellevue Council’s meeting Tuesday evening, as council member Jane Braunlich decided to answer criticisms and correct statements by other elected officials.

Her response had an unexpected effect, as former public works supervisor Tony Barbarino challenged Braunlich’s husband to “step outside” during the meeting.

Braunlich’s statements were prompted by recent criticism from Mayor George Doscher that spanned issues going back to council’s failure to give his son a summer job last year.


Two Bellevue government veterans will face off in the Democratic nomination for mayor in the May 21 primary.

Under Bellevue's home rule charter, the mayor's primary duties are to present a budget to council, and to oversee the police department.

Democrats will choose between current council member Jane Braunlich, and former mayor and current borough treasurer Paul Cusick. Braunlich now holds one of the first ward council seats formerly held by Cusick for two terms, before he was elected mayor for two terms. Braunlich has been a member of Bellevue Council for the past six years.


Democratic voters in two of Bellevue's three wards will have choices to make in the primary election.

Three Democratic candidates are running for two Bellevue Council nominations in the first ward, while four seek nominations for two council positions in the second ward.

The first ward candidates are Michael Braunlich, Henry Lenard and Michael Sendro, none of which have ever held political office in Bellevue.


Robert Swazuk Robert S. Swazuk, 66, of Worthington, OH, formerly of Ben Avon, died Monday, Oct. 1, 2012. Mr. Swazuk attended Sacred Heart Elementary School and Avonworth High School. He joined the U.S. Army at age 16. General Matthew Ridgeway interceded so he could join the 173rd Airborne Brigade, A Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Platoon in Okinawa, Japan in 1964. In April 1965, the unit was sent to Vietnam, where he served as a unit radio operator. After the war, he continued his education. He was a manufacturing representative in plumbing and HVAC.


Brad Waters, director of fiscal management, updated the Avonworth School Board on the construction of the primary center at its work session on Monday.

Waters said that Paul Zippel, who was recently hired as the district's owners representative, has been visiting the site each day. Zippel will be providing the district with weekly progress reports, Waters said.

Waters told the board that work at the site has begun. A road to provide access to the construction site has been completed. The construction of a silt fence required by the state DEP is nearly done, Waters said.


Allegheny County Council representative for Bellevue, Amanda Green Hawkins, toured the borough Wednesday evening with director of administrative services Doug Sample and council president Linda Woshner. Among the stops they made was the Bellevue Dog Woods site at Memorial Park, where government and the private sector are working together to build a dog park.

Touring the Dog Woods are, from left, Doug Sample, Amanda Green Hawkins and Linda Woshner.


Bellevue officials and citizens had an opportunity to meet their new representative on Allegheny County Council Tuesday evening.

Amanda Green Hawkins became Bellevue's representative on the county council following this year's redistricting, which moved Bellevue from District 1 to District 13.

Hawkins said that she was happy to have Bellevue in her district, because previously she had represented only City of Pittsburgh wards, which often need less help from the county because of city programs.


Dean Larkin Dean Larkin, 90, of Trunkeyville, PA, died Sunday evening, April 29, 2012 at his home.


Barely 24 hours after Bellevue Council appointed a new third ward representative, Emsworth Council accepted the resignation of one of their own.

Lynn Tennant Heffley was chosen in a unanimous vote by Bellevue Council Tuesday to fill the third ward council seat left vacant when Mark Panichella resigned after two years on council.

A lifelong resident of Bellevue who lives on North Jackson Avenue, Heffley is a teacher at Bellevue Elementary School.


Bellevue Council has appointed another representative to the Tri-Boroughs Planning Commission.

Former council member and Bellevue Planning Commission Robert Klauscher was chosen in a 5-3 vote at Tuesday’s council meeting. Opposed to the appointment because they supported another applicant were council president Kathy Coder and members Mark Helbling and Lisa Blaney-Stewart. Mark Panichella was absent.


A unanimous vote by Emsworth Council Wednesday evening put an end to a firestorm -- literally, in some residents’ opinions -- that erupted one week before when the Avonworth Community Park executive board approved a lease that would allow drilling beneath park property for natural gas, part of the lucrative Marcellus Shale reservoir.


Emsworth has new representative on the Avonworth Community Park advisory board, but still needs a couple more.

Council voted Wednesday to appoint Nicole Nalevanko to one of three vacancies. Anyone else interested in volunteering should contact the borough office.


Experts are telling the Avonworth School Board to act now to secure financing for the the construction of an $18 million primary center.

What began as an attempt to take advantage of lower interest rates to refinance two current bond issues has blossomed to include the nearly $16 million Avonworth still needs to build the new school.


Allegheny General Hospital - Suburban Campus representative Kathy Ferri shows some of the extravagant theme baskets that are being raffled off to raise money for charitable efforts in the North Boroughs. The annual fund-raiser features baskets containing items donated by different hospital departments. This year’s baskets will include children’s bicycles, a flat screen TV, a Wii fitness package, among many other items.


Election day could come a month early for one candidate for Bellevue Council.

Council currently has a vacancy created by the Aug. 26 resignation of third ward representative Jerry Walter. Although Walter did not remove his name from the Nov. 3 general election ballot, he is not considered a viable candidate. That leaves Democrat Mark Panichella in good position to be elected to the seat next month.

He could, however, be appointed to fill the council vacancy as early as next Tuesday, during council's regular meeting.


Bellevue is among some 10 communities competing to become the next chosen for a business district revitalization program.

Representatives of the Allegheny County economic development department, the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation and Town Center Associates told Bellevue officials at Tuesday's borough council meeting that they work through the Allegheny Together program to provide resources to municipalities hoping to revitalize main street business districts.


The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh has selected Avonworth High School teacher Jeff Boggess as one of 10 area teachers who will participate in a summer study tour of Brussels and Vienna, June 26 - July 10.

Council representative Christine Unger notified Boggess of his acceptance to the program in what she described as being “…a highly competitive process.” Boggess said that the application required two recommendations from Avonworth administrators, a resume and an essay.


A new ACORD Park agreement could be approved by local officials by July if representatives of the five member communities can agree on a voting structure for major park decisions and what park improvements should be made.