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Avalon Police Chief Tom Kokoski (right) welcomes the borough’s newest full-time police officer. Chris Brown, who has been working as a part-time officer in Avalon for a couple years, was hired at Tuesday’s Avalon Council meeting in a unanimous vote. Brown is a former Marine who served in Iraq.


I don't know who developed the idea of holding school homecomings -- probably some college fund-raising officer -- but it's a great idea that probably needs to broaden its application.

We live in an area where it is common to find several generations of a single family living within walking distance of each other; where grandparents help raise their children's children, and grandchildren return the favor. It makes for a strong foundation.


An announcement by Bellevue Mayor Paul Cusick at Tuesday’s pre-council meeting triggered a discussion that could impact the way the school resource officer at Northgate High School is paid.

Bellevue Police Sgt. Mike Hudson is stationed full-time at the high school during the school year at a cost of about $60,000 for nine months, according to Cusick. He said that Northgate, in the past, has contributed $20,000 to that cost, although school grants of $30,000 and $60,000 have paid a larger share the last two years.


An Ohio Township Police officer remains hospitalized after being seriously injured in a traffic accident last Saturday, April 12.

Longtime officer Don Manz underwent surgery Monday to repair several vertebrae in his back that were broken when the police cruiser he was driving was hit broadside on Ohio River Boulevard near the Toms Run intersection.



Looking for “closure,” the Avonworth School Board voted at its work session Monday to approve the retirement of a teacher facing criminal charges for the non-school-related sexual assault of a minor.



Armed with questions and concerns pertaining to the arrest of an elementary school music teacher, more than 40 parents attended Monday night’s regular meeting of the Avonworth School Board.


The Northgate School District has received a $60,000 grant to help fund the school resource officer position.

The cost of the SRO currently is shared by Northgate and Bellevue Borough, who assigns a full-time officer to the middle/senior high school during the school year.

According to Laura Hartzell, Northgate's coordinator of special services, the grant was awarded in recognition of the effectiveness of the district's SRO program, and will include funding of at least $30,000 next year.


Dorthy Dorman Dorthy G. (Gercken) Dorman, 93, of West View, passed away on Monday, Dec. 23, 2013. She was the loving wife of the late Lawrence C. Dorman; beloved mother of June (Harry) Bolette and Nancy (Martin) Tranquada; grandmother of Fiona, Andrew, Hazel, Eileen, Colin, John, Justin, and Adam; great-grandmother of Luke and Joey. In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by her sister, June; and her brother, Joseph. Friends were received Monday at 6 p.m. for a memorial service in the H.P. Brandt Funeral Home, Inc., Ross Township.

Samuel Stroh


As a reward for successfully performing his job, Ohio Township K-9 cop Rico, a Belgian Malinois, gets to play with his handler, Officer Eric Wallace, Rico’s favorite toy, a piece of PVC pipe.The two demonstrated how Rico locates narcotics at Bellevue's Health & Safety Day event on Sunday.


Edgar Steinmark Edgar George Steinmark, 88, of Providence Point, South Hills, formerly of Bellevue, Wallingford, PA, Upper St. Clair, Wilmington, DE and Bath, OH, died Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 in Family Hospice and Palliative Care.


Two Beaver County men died and two other people were critically injured during an early morning accident on Route 65 in Ben Avon on Wednesday.

An Ohio Township Police officer on patrol in Ben Avon about 2:30 a.m. actually heard the crash on Ohio River Boulevard and rushed to the scene. According to Police Chief Beaver Micklos, the officer did not hear squealing tires or brakes, only something that sounded like an explosion.

“It was a horrific impact,” Micklos said.


A dog reported to have been abandoned in an Avalon apartment is safe and sound at a local shelter.

Avalon animal control officer Lois Cummins said that she was contacted by borough poolice Thanksgiving night, and told that neighbors reported a dog barking in an apartment where the tenants had moved out the week before. Cummins cannot legally enter a residence without giving a 24-hour notice, and advised police to contact a humane officer, who has greater authority in such cases. She said that the dog was not in imminent danger at the time.


A Crafton man arrested after a police chase that ended with shots fired and two car crashes turned out to be in possession of both narcotics and a loaded weapon.

Two Avalon Police officers were hospitalized and their vehicle demolished when they wrecked on Ohio River Boulevard in Ben Avon while in pursuit of Jonathan Schaeffer, 23, of Crafton, on Sept. 4.

The incident began at the BP gas station in Avalon about 3 a.m., when police were notified of a suspicious vehicle in the lot. Police say they smelled marijuana when Schaeffer put down his window.


An Avalon man’s efforts to avoid police were unsuccessful, and he was arrested Tuesday after wrecking his car into a house.

An Ohio Township Police officer in the area of the Avalon Loop reported hearing the sound of breaking glass as a vehicle approached him from Ben Avon, and then saw someone trying to get out of the passenger side of the moving vehicle.

The officer followed, but lost sight of the car when the driver apparently turned off the vehicle’s lights. The car was found, however, a few minutes later when it hit a house on South Chestnut Street.



At around 8:30 p.m. this evening [July 2], I was stopped at the light at Brighton/Lincoln and witnessed a man in a small electric wheelchair trying to get up the sidewalk ramp at South Bryant/Lincoln Avenue. He had been riding down South Bryant in the street, and one of our police officers pulled up beside him and told him to ride on the sidewalk. He told the officer he would if he could get his chair up the small bump in the ramp. His chair was not one of the high powered types.

The officer did not get out of the car, but pulled away, leaving the man to struggle.


Who is entitled to see phone call records for cell phones provided by the borough to municipal employees and paid for entirely by taxpayers?

Bellevue Council president Linda Woshner said that the borough pays for cell phones carried by the director of administrative services, police chief and code enforcement officer. The borough does not receive itemized call records in the regular bills, she said, and she had asked DAS Doug Sample to obtain those records for the finance committee to review to determine if the borough could get a better rate for service.


Bellevue Council will vote next Tuesday on whether to continue a contract with the Northgate School District for a full-time school resource officer (SRO) at Northgate Middle-High School.

The proposed contract, already approved by the Northgate School Board, would have Northgate contributing $25,000 to have a Bellevue Police officer at the school on a full-time basis, according to council members who discussed the issue at last tuesday’s pre-council meeting.


Ohio Township Police seized more than 40 suspected marijuana plants from an Emsworth home during an investigation sparked by a medical emergency call.

Police were summoned to the home on June 7 when a resident was suspected of suffering from a drug overdose. The responding officer saw marijuana plants, which led other officers to obtain a search warrant and re-enter the house.

According to police, there were 41 seedlings found in the basement, and resident Ian Jessup, 24, was arrested and taken to the Allegheny County Jail.


People will not be the only thing flocking to Avalon’s swimming pool this weekend. A Mallard duck couple have beat the Memorial Day weekend rush, and a mama Mallard is sitting on a nest of eggs set up in a planter near the pool.

Because Mallards often nest where they were hatched, Avalon workers suspect that the mother may be the offspring of ducks that have, in years past, kept to the creek that runs through the park.

This year, however, the mother picked a location that, at the time, probably seemed much more secure for her soon-to-be-born ducklings.


Avalon Borough is banking -- literally -- on the success of a federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) program that employs municipal police officers in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds from property seized during drug busts.

The borough council voted 4-3 Tuesday to detail Avalon Police Officer Sean Khirley to the DEA as of Aug. 1. Although working for the federal law enforcement agency, Khirley will remain on the borough payroll, and plans call for another full-time officer to be hired to replace him in Avalon.


Bellevue Police investigated the burglary of a Madison Avenue building on Jan. 26. They also assisted Ross Township Police the same day with a reported burglary in progress at an East Orchard Avenue home.

unidentified male was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit on Jan. 28. Police say they observed the man assaulting a female on Sumner Avenue.

Police suspect a pick pocket of stealing from a 71-year-old woman in a business in the 400 block of Lincoln Avenue on Jan. 28.


Despite projecting nearly $400,000 in unbudgeted surplus funds, Bellevue Council has approved a proposed 2012 budget that not only increases property taxes by a quarter mill, but increases the sewer surcharge by 25 cents per 1,000 gallons of water used.

The $7.4 million budget includes 2 percent pay increases for non-contract employees and the hiring of a new, part-time code enforcement officer. It also includes expenditures of more than $100,000 in matching funds for the skate plaza and downtown streetscape projects.


An Avalon police officer escaped without injury, although he was dragged some 20 feet by a vehicle he was attempting to stop last Saturday night.

The man behind the wheel of that car led officers from multiple jurisdictions on a chase through the City of Pittsburgh and North Hills before being stopped and taken into custody.

The incident began just before 1 a.m. when Avalon officers were dispatched to Center Avenue for a reported burglary in progress. Police say they were told that a man had entered the residence and begun moving items outside.


The Bellevue Police Department has a new officer.

Michael Dunker, who has worked as a part-time officer for several area police departments, was hired by Bellevue Council at its meeting Tuesday, and is expected to begin work as soon as possible.

Dunker fills a vacancy created by the recent resignation of an officer.