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The 69th annual Avonworth Community Memorial Day Parade will take place Monday, May 25, beginning at 10 a.m.

Parade division numbers I and II will march along Center Avenue in Emsworth and continue along Church Avenue in Ben Avon. Division III emergency services will line up at the former Shop ‘n Save lot and join the parade there.

Services will begin at 11 a.m. at Lance Cpl. Kenny Field. Robert B. Jones, mayor of Ben Avon and Vietnam War veteran, will be the guest speaker.

In case of rain, services will be held at Sacred Heart Church, in Smith Center.


It seems, folks, that all of us subjected to the Bellevue pre-council meeting have suffered a massive group delusion.

The mayor was not ranting and swearing and attacking council members because they did not want to hire his son. He was indulging in a temper tantrum because no one would tell him WHY they did not want to hire his son.

Or so says council member Kathy Coder, who went on to tell the majority of council that they could have avoided all of this simply by explaining themselves.


I'm having a hard time understanding the reluctance of some members of Bellevue Council to approve the fifth year of a farmers market. One of the key aspects of promoting and marketing Bellevue's main street business district is bringing in events that will in turn bring in people, some of whom might otherwise never visit Bellevue, and many of whom will patronize local businesses while shopping at the farmers market.


I wanted to update you all on a new project that is close to my heart, the Bellevue Dog Woods.

Before I even had a dog, I wanted to see a dog park in the North Boroughs. Everywhere you look around here, people are out walking dogs. I thought of all those poor dogs on leashes pulling around those poor people and thought, "Wouldn't it be great if all these dogs had a place to just run around and play with other dogs?"



Ben Avon Council member Michael Bett brought a resolution before council at Tuesday's meeting that would have the borough urge the Allegheny County Health Department to enforce its air pollution regulations for companies on Neville Island. Several residents were also on hand to express their opinions.


Avalon residents and anyone else who have been dumping things at the public works site on Semple Avenue are on notice that dumping is now prohibited.

At Tuesday’s borough council meeting, Mayor Dave Haslett asked about new “No dumping” signs that have been erected, noting that many residents had gotten into the habit of taking grass clippings and other yard debris to the area.



The only cell tower in Emsworth may be relocated and enlarged, if the variance requests of a tower company are granted by the Emsworth Zoning Board. The board will hold a meeting next week to hear more comments from the public.

A zoning hearing was held Thursday, June 11, at the Emsworth Borough Building, during which Crown Castle, a company that owns more than 50,000 towers across the United States, sought relief from permitted use and property setbacks in accordance with Emsworth Zoning Ordinance No. 925.



The Center Avenue Bridge in Emsworth finally will be rehabilitated, more than five years after structural deficiencies closed the span to heavy vehicles such as buses and fire trucks.

The two-year, $2.1 million project was announced last week by the Port Authority, which owns the bridge.


Bellevue officials are pointing a finger at the much-debated bump-out features of the ongoing Lincoln Avenue streetscape as much of last year’s construction appears threatened by out-of-control stormwater.

Mayor Paul Cusick said that the area around the bump-outs is flooding during rainstorms. He attributed the flooding to a design problem that does not allow rain water to reach the storm drain, and instead directs it away from the drains.

“It’s absolutely absurd,” Cusick said. "We have a major problem. We can’t let this happen.”


Bellevue Mayor Paul Cusick last week presented a list of recommendations for paid parking in the borough.

Cusick asked council to amend the borough’s parking ordinance to make several changes, including changing the time limits on some meters, and the elimination of free Saturday parking on Lincoln Avenue. The mayor said that parking in the borough’s lots could remain free on Saturdays, but charging for meters on Lincoln would help keep spaces available to shoppers.


Bellevue Mayor Paul Cusick broke a tie vote among Bellevue Council members Tuesday night to reject a proposal to hire an independent actuary to review the borough’s pension plans.

Although council voted in December to hire a new actuary, according to council member Linda Woshner, Tuesday’s vote on the matter came to a 4-4 tie, with Woshner, Jim Scisciani, Vence Menosky and Lynn Tennant Heffley in favor, and opposition from Kathy Coder, Matt Senvisky, Mark Helbling and Henry Lenard.


Avalon officials are looking for some assurances from Bellevue that they won’t be wasting their time to begin a police department consolidation study, as requested by Bellevue.

A letter from Avalon Council president Josh Klicker was sent to Bellevue Mayor Paul Cusick, enumerating a number of concerns by Avalon officials, and seeking answers from their Bellevue counterparts before committing to a lengthy consolidation study.

Cusick presented those questions to Bellevue Council at its regular meeting Tuesday.


Even though she never sought the top spot of Ben Avon Borough government, Claire Wilwohl served three terms as the mayor, deciding not to run for a fourth term in 1998, but having compiled a list of accomplishments that ranged from procuring grants for new street lighting to officiating at the weddings of 25 couples, to helping the "Lorenzo's Oil"crew with any needs during the several months of filming the movie in the borough.


An announcement by Bellevue Mayor Paul Cusick at Tuesday’s pre-council meeting triggered a discussion that could impact the way the school resource officer at Northgate High School is paid.

Bellevue Police Sgt. Mike Hudson is stationed full-time at the high school during the school year at a cost of about $60,000 for nine months, according to Cusick. He said that Northgate, in the past, has contributed $20,000 to that cost, although school grants of $30,000 and $60,000 have paid a larger share the last two years.


The effects of legislative redistricting will be apparent in the May 20 primary election, and especially for voters in Avalon and Bellevue.

The two communities have been absorbed into the 20th Legislative District, which encompasses West View, parts of Ross Township, Brighton Heights and other areas of the North Side, as well as Lawrenceville. With the changes, the 20th District becomes less a City of Pittsburgh district and more evenly divided between the city and its closest suburbs to the north.



The Northside Easter Sunrise Service at Riverview Park, a celebration that has become an annual Easter tradition for many North Borough families, is observing its 80th anniversary on Sunday, April 20.

Each Easter morning, religious leaders and worshippers from a wide variety of denominations gather together to celebrate their Christian beliefs. The service, as usual, will be held at 6:30 a.m. in Riverview Park, in front of the observatory.


Mayor Dee Quinn broke a tie vote among borough council members to change the time of Emsworth's council meetings back to 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.

The meetings had been changed to 7 p.m. at the beginning of the year. A motion made at Wednesday’s ,eeting to go back to the original time resulted in a tie, with council member Carolyn Galante absent, and Kevin Yurkovich, Geoff Barnes and council president Alex Nalevanko opposed.


At the opening of last week’s Ben Avon Council meeting, Mayor Robert Jones led a swearing-in ceremony for Ken Opipery Jr., who took office to replace Sue Weiss, who resigned at the January meeting.

Opipery had previously served on council for 20 years. He said, "It is my pleasure to serve this community and to serve with you, this council."


Three brand new council members, a new mayor, and a new council president and vice president have started the year in Bellevue, where there also will be a change in the monthly meeting schedule.

Henry Lenard, Vencent Menosky and Matt Senvisky took the oath of office for Bellevue Council Monday night along with re-elected incumbents Kathy Coder and Lynn Tennant-Heffley. Also sworn in were the new mayor Paul Cusick, re-elected tax collector Joe Nolan, and his son, Michael Nolan, who was elected on write-in votes to become the borough’s auditor.


Ben Avon Council started its year with political discord after some council members were surprised to find out that the borough would be getting a new solicitor.

New members Philip Brind'Amour, Michael Wrbas and Julian Wynncyckj were sworn in, along with re-elected council member Richard White and mayor Bob Jones.

Earl Bohn was elected president of council in a 5-2 vote, with Michael Bett and Sue Weiss opposed. White was elected vice president.


While Bellevue may have had the most contentious races in the 2013 general election, some of the most surprising results came in the neighboring boroughs of Emsworth and Ben Avon. All vote totals are unofficial until certified by the Allegheny County Elections Department.

Northgate School Board


Three Bellevue Council seats left undecided after the primary election will be filled by voters who go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

In the borough’s first ward, two seats are open, and only one incumbent is on the ballot.Current council member Kathy Coder is joined on the Republican ballot by Megan Swackhammer. The Democratic ticket features Henry Lenard and Mike Braunlich. In The third ward, incumbent Democrat Lynn Tennant Heffley is running against Republican Grant Saylor. first ward


Three Bellevue government veterans are hoping to be elected mayor of Bellevue in next week’s general election, but you’ll find only two names on the official ballot.

Although current Bellevue Council member Jane Braunlich lost the primary Democratic nomination to Paul Cusick, she is now running a write-in campaign that will pit her and Cusick against former council member Joe Scioscia Jr. on the Republican ticket.



Ben Avon Mayor Robert Jones commented at Tuesday's borough council meeting that he thinks council "took something simple and turned it into a legal quagmire." He was referring to the draft shade tree ordinance, which would include establishing a shade tree commission.

"This," he said, holding up two sheets of paper, "was the old ordinance. And this," he said, letting a sheaf of papers he had taped together fall to the floor in a string, "is the new ordinance."