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The one part of this job that I enjoy the most is when I get to take photographs of kids for the paper. They get such a kick out of seeing their pictures and names in this little weekly newspaper that their excitement is actually contagious. It quickly spreads to me, and to their parents and grandparents.

Every now and then we hear from people who remember the time, many years ago, when their pictures were printed in The Citizen. It still means something to them, and that's pretty cool.


As an editor, I often struggle with issues surrounding what the public NEEDS to know, versus what they WANT to know.

If we print what people WANT to know, they'll buy papers. But at some point what people want to know drops perilously close to the level of gossip, in which I prefer not to indulge. Obviously gossip is big business, as evidenced by the number of celebrity gossip magazines, tabloids and Web sites. I am not at all convinced that the world needs to know what Mel Gibson said to his girlfriend, or who Miley Cyrus is dating. I'm not even sure why the world WANTS to know.


A Ben Avon man was indicted by a federal grand jury last week on charges that he possessed child pornography.

According to United States Attorney David J. Hickton, a three-count indictment was handed down against Charles Appel, 71, of Church Avenue. An indictment is an accusation of criminal conduct and the person indicted is presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial or though a plea.


For the second time in as many weeks, an attempt to oust Bellevue’s solicitor has failed.

A week after a motion to seek proposals from attorneys failed in a tie vote at the borough council’s reorganization meeting, a second motion made at the first regular council meeting on Tuesday met the same end.


Dorothy Malloy Dorothy R. Gastner Malloy, 91, of Emsworth, died Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011. She is survived by her husband, J. Regis Malloy; and three children, Bonnie Bass and her husband James, Diane Barr and her husband James and Ronald Malloy. Services and burial were private. Arrangements were made by the Orion C. Pinkerton Funeral Home.

William Steffes William August Steffes of Kilbuck Township, died Monday, Nov. 14, 2011.


Avalon Borough will delay requiring stormwater remediation measures at one of the borough’s large apartment buildings in hopes that a sale of the building will go through.


The Kilbuck Township Planning Commission has given conditional approval to the Carey's Bluff housing development, with details to be worked out before final approval is received from the township supervisors.


Although most of the homes in the proposed Carey's Bluff development will lie within Glenfield Borough, one key element is planned for Kilbuck Township, where officials are hoping to protect Kilbuck and its residents from any future problems.

Developers of the community -- which will include both single family homes and condominiums -- along Toms Run Road want to place a sewage treatment plant on the Kilbuck side of the border, but officials want to make sure that plant doesn't end up costing Kilbuck in the future.



The Avonworth School Board, at its regular meeting on Monday, voted to refund the $2,600 spent by the football boosters to purchase nameplates for the football team's away jerseys.

The board recently received a letter from an attorney representing the boosters, asking that the nameplates be allowed to go on the jerseys or the amount spent by the boosters be refunded. The letter stated that the boosters had obtained permission from the coach, athletic director and members of the school board's athletic committee before going ahead with the purchase.


A last ditch legal challenge to stop the changes scheduled to go into effect today at Allegheny General Hospital - Suburban Campus is running into challenges of its own. Attorneys for West Penn Allegheny Health System and the Suburban General Hospital Advisory Board were in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Thursday, appearing before Judge Ronald Folino.

At issue was whether the court should issue an injunction stopping the hospital from closing its emergency room and inpatient units, and whether the group asking for the injunction had any legal right to do so.


The Avonworth Football Boosters are asking the district's school board to reconsider its ban on away game jerseys that bear each player's name, or cough up the $2,600 the boosters spent to buy the nameplates.


Residents of Ben Avon might have a glimmer of hope regarding the row houses on Park Avenue that have been deteriorating for the past couple of years.

In May 2007, property owner Jeff Garbinski told the borough council that he would like to renovate the five buildings containing 19 units, but little has been done since that time despite the borough's repeated requests for progress to be made.


State Rep. Dan Deasy is hosting free seminars for older residents to learn more about estate and life-planning issues.


Bellevue has become the first of three local municipalities to adopt a joint zoning code, paving the way for the state’s first successful implementation of a multi-jurisdictional zoning effort.

Adoption of the code, which grew from the completion of a joint comprehensive plan, is in its final stages, with Avalon and Ben Avon borough councils slated to take action later this month on the code already approved by Allegheny County.


Although he lost his bid for nomination in the spring primary election, a local attorney will become a judge in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas long before anyone who ran against him.