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With seasonal hirings already underway, Bellevue Council is telling potential employees they need not apply if they are delinquent in paying their borough taxes.

A motion to exclude delinquent taxpayers from the hiring pool was not scheduled for the agenda of the pre-council meeting on Tuesday, but was brought to the floor by council member Henry Lenard.


Bellevue will re-evaluate a proposed increase in the rental property inspection fee after questions posed by one council member remained unanswered, and another introduced questions of ethics.

Council was presented with a proposed schedule covering numerous fees charged by the borough. At the pre-0council meeting two weeks ago, council member Linda Woshner challenged a proposed increase from $35 to $45 per rental unit in the rental property inspection fee.


Bellevue will continue to reach out to its residents through social media while officials consider the development of a policy to cover such efforts.

According to director of administrative services Ron Borzcyk, the borough’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were shut down for a short period of time after the borough received complaints about the use of profanity in posts.


Three brand new council members, a new mayor, and a new council president and vice president have started the year in Bellevue, where there also will be a change in the monthly meeting schedule.

Henry Lenard, Vencent Menosky and Matt Senvisky took the oath of office for Bellevue Council Monday night along with re-elected incumbents Kathy Coder and Lynn Tennant-Heffley. Also sworn in were the new mayor Paul Cusick, re-elected tax collector Joe Nolan, and his son, Michael Nolan, who was elected on write-in votes to become the borough’s auditor.


Three Bellevue Council seats left undecided after the primary election will be filled by voters who go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

In the borough’s first ward, two seats are open, and only one incumbent is on the ballot.Current council member Kathy Coder is joined on the Republican ballot by Megan Swackhammer. The Democratic ticket features Henry Lenard and Mike Braunlich. In The third ward, incumbent Democrat Lynn Tennant Heffley is running against Republican Grant Saylor. first ward


Democratic voters in two of Bellevue's three wards will have choices to make in the primary election.

Three Democratic candidates are running for two Bellevue Council nominations in the first ward, while four seek nominations for two council positions in the second ward.

The first ward candidates are Michael Braunlich, Henry Lenard and Michael Sendro, none of which have ever held political office in Bellevue.