On the road

Big rigs used to be able to travel through the North Boroughs without too many concerns, due to the lack of a police officer certified in tractor-trailer inspections and safety. That is no longer the case. Avalon Police Officer Sean Khirley set up shop on Route 65 Wednesday, putting into practice the training he has received recently in an effort to make the highways safer and possibly even prevent some road damage in the borough.

After attending a two-week training program offered by the state, Khirley then worked with Leetsdale Police highway veteran Officer Ed Cross. Both were on Ohio River Boulevard this week, inspecting random trucks and hitting pay dirt early on.

One of the first rigs inspected by the officers was found to have an air leak in the brake lines on the trailer. The driver was cited and sent on his way, but the trailer itself was towed.

Avalon Police Chief Tom Kokoski said that he hopes more enforcement on Route 65 will draw the attention of truckers to this area, and even educate them on the weight limits imposed on the borough’s streets. Kokoski said that trucks following GPS directions to the wrong California Avenue are damaging both Elizabeth Avenue and the borough’s main street, and have destroyed the traffic light at Home Avenue twice in the last three months.

Pictured here, Avalon Police Officer Sean Khirley (at right) and Leetsdale
Officer Ed Cross examine an air leak in the brake lines of the trailer of a truck stopped Wednesday morning on Ohio River Boulevard in Avalon.