Police officers honored

Four Bellevue Police officers were honored at the Bellevue Council meeting on Tuesday for their efforts to save two Dollar General employees and apprehend a robber.

The officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in progress at the Lincoln Avenue store at closing time on Saturday, May 30. The manager and assistant manager had already locked the doors to the store before they found Donna Turner, 49, of Division Avenue, Bellevue, hiding in a back room, armed with a knife and a block of wood she pretended was a gun. Turner was reported to have stabbed the manager in the left forearm before he and the assistant manager tackled her.

The assistant manager maintained telephone contact with Allegheny County 911, so officers were aware of what was going on inside even though the doors were locked. They opted to break in the front door to gain entry, which they did just in time. The manager reportedly has sustained a cut to the artery in his arm and was bleeding out. Police applied a tourniquet, which doctors later credited with saving the man’s life.

The four responding officers -- pictured above from left, Michael Dunker, John Lennon, Joe Faulisi and Don Mason -- were presented tokens by Chief Matt Sentner, while Mayor Paul Cusick looked on. Sentner called the officers “heroes,” and commended them for their handling of a dangerous and potentially deadly incident. Sentner said that he had reviewed both the audio and video recordings of the incident, and was impressed with his officers’ actions.