Independence gets dogs in hot water

Two pooches got a little bit too independent for their own good, with the result being that Avalon and Bellevue rescue workers spent several hours of their Fourth of July holiday rescuing the pair from the cliffside behind the former Ponderosa restaurant on Ohio River Boulevard in Avalon.

According to Avalon animal control officer Lois Cummins, the dogs escaped from the yard of a Harrison Avenue home where their owner was moving in. The two quickly took advantage of the opportunity to explore their new neighborhood, and were spotted running along Route 65, then on a ledge on the cliffside above the railroad tracks. NorthWest EMS’ Matt McDanel and Scott George used a boat on the Ohio River to pinpoint the dogs’ location on the overgrown hillside, then rappelled down the cliff in an attempt to reach the animals.

What they succeeded in doing was encouraging the dogs to head back up the hill, where they were taken into custody by firefighters and turned over to Cummins and volunteer Dolly Archey.

Pictured here are NorthWest EMS rappellers Scott George and Matt McDanel.