Avon Club presents scholarships

Three Avonworth High School seniors have received Avon Club Foundation scholarships, the winners selected from essays that explained their involvement in promoting civic participation in the advancement of their community.

Essays by the winning writers -- Abby Foster, Sophia Thompson and Anastasia Wagner -- reflect the focus of the Avon Club, which was established during World War II when club members met to aid the war effort by rolling bandages, knitting sweaters and keeping correspondence with the soldiers. Today, the club pursues projects devoted to the betterment of the community.

In her essay, Abby focused on the characteristics exhibited by the late Kathy Hall, an active member of the club, and how laughter, grace, kindness, selflessness and energy are important attributes. Anastasia described her work with the Quaker Valley Council of Governments and her community knitting club, while Sophie related her experiences in the community as a visually impaired person. She explained how the area could be made “…more accessible and welcoming to others in my situation.”

The winners have not yet made definite college choices, but all plan to further their education, Abby in nursing, Sophie in art and technology, with Anastasia still undecided.

Winners, seen with parents, received their scholarships at an Avon Club meeting last week. From left: Abby, daughter of Alexa and Kevin (not pictured) Foster of Ohio Township, winner of the club’s $1,000 Kathy Hall Memorial Scholarship; Anastasia, daughter of Lenn and Rick Wagner of Ben Avon; and Sophia, daughter of Kristin and Nathan Thompson of Ben Avon. Anastasia and Kristin each received $1,500 Avon Club Scholarships.

The Avon Club Foundation has been presenting scholarships to graduating female Avonworth-area seniors since 1995.