“Senior Night” a special family affair

Senior night for Avonworth boys’ basketball was a star-spangled event that went beyond pre-game photos of parents with senior players, and lots of balloons and flowers.

Add to the activities the singing of the National Anthem by a very “young-at-heart” lady who is mom to 17 children, “gram” to 47 grandchildren, and “great gram” to 23 great grandchildren.

Kathy Donovan of Emsworth delivered a stirring rendition of the Anthem to the crowd that included a large section of white-shirted “Donovan’s Army” fans, and the crowd responded with a cheering ovation.

Kathy, whose April birthday will be number 85, sang with the Sacred Heart Church choir for 40 years. Son Michael, assistant coach and father of two players on this year’s team, Michael, a senior and Mason, a sophomore, said that over the years, she has sung the Anthem 8-10 times for several others among her children and grandchildren, the last time being for his basketball senior night in 1993.

Pictured here, son Matt Donovan proudly stands with his mother, Kathy Donovan, as she sings the National Anthem prior to Avonworth’s Senior Night basketball game.