Diversity Program

Event Date: Thu, 2017-12-07

A community presentation to address diversity and inclusion issues in the Bellevue community will be held at the Center of Bellevue on Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m..

The program will discuss the cost of racism and prejudice in communities, and how to make change for the better.

Residents will be led in conversation by YWCA’s Senior Director of Advocacy for Race and Gender Equity, Chaz Kellem, discussing a variety of topics including how to improve cross cultural communication skills, foster an appreciation for differences, and create a more welcoming and diverse environment.

The program is organized by Live Learn Grow – an all-volunteer effort by Bellevue residents to provide opportunities for continuous growth and learning. To contact Live Learn Grow, see the Web site at http://www.bonafiedbellevue.com.