Into the woods

I wanted to update you all on a new project that is close to my heart, the Bellevue Dog Woods.

Before I even had a dog, I wanted to see a dog park in the North Boroughs. Everywhere you look around here, people are out walking dogs. I thought of all those poor dogs on leashes pulling around those poor people and thought, "Wouldn't it be great if all these dogs had a place to just run around and play with other dogs?"

Bellevue seemed to be the logical place because (a) Bellevue has the space available, (b) Bellevue's space is best located for access by all, and (c) Bellevue has the most dogs. Especially the four-legged kind.

So I talked to some borough officials and everyone agreed that this was a great idea. I waited for a while, and no one did anything. I tried to wait some more, but patience is my least developed virtue. I called the mayor, and that's when things took off.

Just a couple months after Mayor George Doscher put together an advisory committee to develop a proposal for a dog park, crews of enthusiastically dedicated volunteers are already doing site preparation work at Memorial Park. Funds are being raised. This project is well on its way to becoming a reality.

So many people have donated to the Dog Woods in so many ways. There are quite a few who have spent their Saturday mornings dragging brush and cutting down dead trees. The kids at Bellevue Elementary are collecting coins. Many people have signed up for our mailing list and made cash contributions. Others have offered equipment and materials.

In this week's issue of The Citizen, we are running eight pages of pet photos in our annual pet photo contest. All of the entry fees will be donated to the Dog Woods, and a number of the submitted photos will be featured in a 2012 calendar that will be sold to, again, provide funds for the operation of the park.

To everyone who has helped so far, the Bellevue Dog Woods Association sends our deepest gratitude. For those who have not yet pitched in, we'd love to see you at the park on Saturday morning!

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