Now what?

We are now firmly entrenched in winter, that most deaded of seasons for many of us. All of the distractions that kept us from actual hibernation are in the rear view mirror, and we find ourselves looking for something to take their place.

The holidays have been put away, along with all their associated frivolity. The 50th Super Bowl was a complete dud -- boring game, boring halftime show, boring commercials. It should be a law that at least one commercial must center around the Budweiser Clydesdales, and I have expressed this sentiment to Budweiser via the company's Facebook page. Puppies are good, too, but the Clydesdales are a must.

We do have the presidential debates ad nauseum, as each party moves toward nominating a candidate. The Democratic debates are boring because Hillary and Bernie really agree on most things. The Republican debates are anything but boring, however I would prefer entertainment that does not make me even more depressed than winter alone does already.

Game of Thrones Season 6 is still a couple months away, although leaked teasers do generate a bit of a spark. I think most people are now agreed that Jon Snow will return, although there is considerable debate over what form he will take. We should probably start binge watching Season 5 all over again, just to make sure we are caught up for the new plot twists.

Many devoted gardeners will spend trhe next month or so planning their spring gardens, and even starting plants from seed. I did that one year, with questionable success. And there are a lot of fish fries coming up for Lent, which I enjoy tremendously. It often becomes an internal debate over what I want most, however -- fish or to stay in my warm home in my warm jammies. Such is the effect of late winter. Has anyone considered a fish fry delivery service?

If any of you have any tips for surviving the last weeks of winter, please e-mail me at I've started watching reality tv on obscure cable channels, so I would call the situation fairly desperate.