Definitely the wrong idea

It seems, folks, that all of us subjected to the Bellevue pre-council meeting have suffered a massive group delusion.

The mayor was not ranting and swearing and attacking council members because they did not want to hire his son. He was indulging in a temper tantrum because no one would tell him WHY they did not want to hire his son.

Or so says council member Kathy Coder, who went on to tell the majority of council that they could have avoided all of this simply by explaining themselves.

If that sounds a little bit like blaming the victim, well, that's because it is exactly a whole lot like blaming the victim.

You know, lady, your husband wouldn't have to beat you up if you'd just not look at him that way.

Hey kid, if you'd just give that bully your lunch money, you wouldn't get knocked around.

And council, well, if you just tell the mayor exactly what he wants to hear, exactly when he wants to hear it, you won't have to sit there and be told to shut up, or that you're not worthy of respect, or that you're part of some grand conspiracy to undermine the mayor by not giving his kid a summer job.

All of us who think that there is absolutely NO excuse for that type of behavior just have the wrong idea.

Of all the wrong ideas ever expressed in Bellevue Council chambers, that idea has to be among the wrongest.

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