The circle of small town business life

It seems we once again find ourselves in that special season when we give thanks, spend a lot of money, and make resolutions – pretty much in that order. And if there is one thing that should play an important role in all of these endeavors, it is the North Boroughs business community.

We are a little spoiled in this area. In a matter of minutes we can be at a grocery store, doctor’s office, gift shop, restaurant or automotive shop, among other places. In fact, we have a pretty nice selection of small businesses operating in the North Boroughs. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in a mall in the past decade, and I don’t miss the places one bit. So yes, we should be very thankful for the business community we have close to home.

Not only are they convenient, but they add to our local and even national economy. They pay taxes. They provide jobs. They keep local government from turning to property owners for every last penny of tax dollars needed, and for that I am very grateful.

But the only way these businesses will continue to exist is if all of us make a determined effort to patronize them. Shopping locally has to be our very first choice. The money has a way of making its way throughout the community. You spend a few dollars at one place, and the people who work there go out and spend the dollars they make at another business down the street. That’s the way we do things in small town America. It’s the way we do things in the North Boroughs.

So before you expend all your shopping patience on Black Friday, remember Small Business Saturday. Remember that the money you spend locally is going to go to your neighbors, and to other small businesses. Remember that, one way or another, that money is going to benefit you.