The Northgate School Board has joined other districts and Allegheny County to make sure foster children are getting the educational opportunities they need.


Emsworth will apply for grant funding to turn the Marmo Park tennis court into a Pickle-Ball court.

The USA Pickle-Ball Association describes Pickle-Ball as “a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong,” played by “singles or doubles, on a 44' x 20' court, using a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.”


Emsworth Borough has three openings for residents who are interested in serving on advisory boards.

Two residents are needed to represent Emsworth on the Avonworth Advisory Board and one resident is needed to serve on the Avonworth Municipal Authority. Positions are appointed by Emsworth Council.

Any interested resident can submit a letter of interest, or email, to the borough office. The term of office for the Avonworth Advisory Board is generally one calendar year ending in December. The Avonworth Municipal Authority term is for five years



The Avonworth School District has two new administrators, as a result of motions unanimously approved by the school board.

At the Monday, Feb. 6, school board meeting, William Battistone was hired as elementary school principal at the salary of $85,000 with benefits, commencing April 3.

Additionally, David Thomas was hired as middle/high school assistant principal at the salary of $74,500 with benefits, commencing not later than March 6, 2017.

Battistone arrives from Iowa, where he served as the assistant principal at Regina Elementary School in Iowa City.


On Jan. 18, Bellevue Police received a report that an individual had been robbed at gunpoint on Lincoln Avenue by an unknown person.

On Jan. 20, an unknown male with a gun robbed a store on Ohio River Boulevard.

A service station on Ohio River Boulevard was robbed at gunpoint by a male with a gun on Jan. 30

Vandalism was reported at the Davis Avenue ballfield on Jan. 20. The door of a press box was found kicked in.

Police were dispatched and a report was filed on Jan. 20 concerning a possible child luring on Lincoln Avenue.



Emsworth residents and other local travelers will soon be facing an extended period of detours.

Weather permitting, the Emsworth Bridge on Center Avenue, which connects two portions of the borough, will be completely closed on Monday, Feb. 13, as the Port Authority begins a long-anticipated rehabilitation project of the structure.


Ohio Township Police said recently there have been several thefts from vehicles reported in the Ben Avon and Emsworth areas. All of the reported thefts had no forced entry; they were from vehicles that were left unlocked or could not be locked. Police ask that owners be diligent in remembering to lock their vehicles.

On Jan. 25 a resident who lived on Lyndhurst Drive in Ohio Township filed a fraud report.

A criminal mischief report was filed by a resident of Orchard Avenue in Emsworth on Jan. 25.


Three people have been charged with homicide. and a fourth possibly remains at large, after a shooting on Spruce Run Road in Ben Avon late last Thursday night that resulted in the death of an 18-year-old man.

Police say that Kyle Stauber, of 309 Spruce Run Road, was able to identify his shooter after suffering a gunshot wound to the chest. He died later at the hospital.

Avalon and Ohio Township Police responded to a report of shots fired on the remote street that begins in Avalon and winds down to the railroad tracks and Ohio River in Ben Avon.


Following a traffic stop on California Avenue on Jan. 2, Anna Mae Seitz, 24, of Avalon, was charged with driving under the influence.

Avalon Police were called to a retail business on Ohio River Boulevard on Jan. 3, when a store video showed an employee taking socks, hats, and other items without paying. Jeffrey Glenn Grier Sr., 56, was charged with theft.

Following a traffic stop on California Avenue on Jan. 5, William M. Alexander, 46, of Avalon, was charged with narcotics possession.


A resident of North Sprague Avenue reported on Jan. 1 that a firearm had been stolen out of a vehicle overnight.

On Jan. 2, a resident of South Jackson Avenue reported a gun had been stolen from the bedroom between Dec. 26 and Dec. 30, and on Jan. 3, Derek Smith Oliver, 21, was charged with theft.

On Jan. 2, a resident of North Bryant Avenue reported multiple items had been stolen from her home during a visit.

On Jan. 4, a resident of Dawson Avenue reported the house had been burglarized on Jan. 2.


Bellevue has taken the first steps toward refunding the borough’s 2011 bond issue, a move that could net the borough more than $100,000 that could be used for upcoming capita l projects.


On Jan. 19, a business located on Ben Avon Heights Road in Ohio Township reported a retail theft.

A business on Spruce Street in Ben Avon filed a suspicious persons report on Jan. 19.

A threat report was filed from a business on Camp Horne Road in Ohio Township on Jan. 21.

A resident of Woodland Avenue in Ben Avon filed a criminal mischief report on Jan. 22.


The Emsworth Bridge will be undergoing reconstruction beginning next month, and Ben Avon Council wants residents to know how it will impact them and the borough.

The bridge is set to close Feb. 13 and could be shut down for as long as a year.


Employees of Avalon's street department now have a contract that will provide them with both retroactive and future pay increases.

The borough council voted at its regular meeting Tuesday to approve the agreement, which covers the years 2015-18. Officials said that the union representing the workers earlier agreed to a salary for 2015, so the new contract provides for a 3 percent annual increase retroactive to 2016.


Emsworth volunteer firefighters may soon be eligible for tax credits, if council passes a proposed ordinance.

Last November, Pennsylvania House Bill 1683 was signed into law as Act 172 of 2016. It granted municipalities the authority to offer active volunteers an earned income tax credit and a property tax credit of up to 20 percent, based on certain criteria.

In December, Emsworth Council discussed and members suggested approval of granting such credits, and requested that the Emsworth Volunteer Fire Company present a definition of “active volunteer.”



Sister Linda Yankoski of Holy Family Institute asked Emworth Council at its Jan. 11 meeting to consider contributing approximately $1,500 toward costs incurred by Holy Family Institute in the process of obtaining a four-way traffic light stop for pedestrians, at the intersection of Allegheny Avenue and Ohio River Boulevard.

Borough residents, Yankoski suggested, had requested and would benefit from the halt to all traffic as they crossed the busy highway. As such, she said, perhaps the borough could assist with the cost.


Both Avalon and Bellevue officials are drafting ordinances that will give fire fighters easier access to commercial and multi-family residential properties.

Bellevue has had such an ordinance in place for several years, but is now looking to expand the types of properties that will be required to participate.



Residents of Emsworth Borough continue to be inconvenienced by street damage and road closures due to broken West View Water Authority water lines.

The latest situation occurred on Dec. 22 on Pennsylvania Avenue, the upper part of which remains closed to vehicle traffic.

Members of council debated whether a quick emergency fix should be made on Pennsylvania Avenue in order to open the road, or a more-complete repair, including replacement of the water line, should be made that would greatly diminish the likelihood of future breaks.


This past Monday, faculty members, administrators, and students at Avonworth High School had to work through one of the toughest lessons they ever would teach or learn: how to make sense of the sudden loss of a beloved friend and member of the community.

By the time the school day had started, all knew the tragic details that claimed the life of sophomore Hannah Milbert who, despite valiant efforts to rescue her, became the victim of a fast-moving fire that two days earlier had raged through her family home on Wible Lane in Ohio Township.


A resident of Heritage Drive in Ohio Township filed a threat report on Jan. 5.

On Jan. 6, a resident of Laurel Oak Drive in Ohio Township filed a theft report.

On Jan. 6, a resident of Penhurst Drive in Ben Avon Heights filed a theft report. Police say the items have been recovered.

A theft report was filed by a business located on Ben Avon Heights Road in Ohio Township on Jan. 7.

A resident of Prospect Avenue in Ben Avon filed a fraud report on Jan. 9.


Police are looking for a man believed to have robbed employees at the Arby’s restaurant on Ohio River Boulevard in Bellevue Tuesday night.

The robbery was reported about 8:30 p.m., with police told that the man was armed with a black Glock handgun and a pink cannister of mace.

The suspect, who fled on foot, was described as a black male with a dark complexion, wearing a black jacket, black jeans and black Air Max tennis shoes, along with a Pirates cap. He is about 5’4” tall.

In other news from Bellevue Police:


A 15-year-old sophomore at Avonworth High School died Saturday night in a fire that destroyed her family’s home on Wible Lane in Ohio Township.

Hannah Milbert was pronounced dead at 9:26 p.m. Her parents, Eric and Maureen Milbert, were able to escape the blaze first reported at 6:13 p.m. The family’s cat, Ninja, also is believed to have died in the fire.


A woman was trapped in her car after it hit a house on Ohio River Boulevard on May 3. She reported that while coming down Harrison Avenue, the vehicle’s brakes failed and the car crossed all four lanes of Route 65, jumped a curb, went through a yard and hit the house. The driver was not injured.

A vehicle on California Avenue was broken into on April 27. Personal items valued at more than $200 were taken.

On April 28, Avalon Police responded to a downed wire and disabled vehicle on Ohio River Boulevard.



Avonworth School District is considering changing its policies and procedures to allow nurses to possess and administer the drug naloxone (Narcan).

Naloxone, commonly sold under the brand name Narcan, is a drug used to treat opioid overdoses. The drug works by blocking the opioid receptors in the brain, thus preventing and reversing the effects of opioids that have been recently used, including reduced respiration.