A bid for upgrades to the South Birmingham Avenue “Tot Lot” playground was accepted by Avalon Council Tuesday.

The borough has received a grant of $27,800 for the project, which will be handled by Sports and Recreation Associations, LLC.


Residents both for and against Bellevue hosting another business serving alcoholic beverages spoke during a public hearing on Tuesday held to provide input on the borough council's upcoming decision on whether to allow a liquor license in excess of the borough's quota. Much of Bellevue Council’s concern, however, was how and why the borough had failed to have a procedure in place for the application request.


Bellevue has a chance to become home to a dek hockey rink at Memorial Park, the $267,000 cost paid completely by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.

Although there is no definite decision on the opportunity, Mayor Emily Marburger said that the borough had been contacted by state Sen. Wayne Fontana to gauge Bellevue’s interest.

Director of Administrative Services Ron Borczyk said the rink, if built, likely would occupy the gravel lot along Bellevue Road, adjacent to the baseball field and the dog park.


Bellevue Council president Tom Fodi announced Tuesday that he would step down as council president.

Fodi, whose term on council will be up at the end of this year, previously had announced that he will not be running for re-election to a second term on council.

Fodi said that family and work require too much of his attention for him to be able to juggle the duties of council president.


Bellevue officials knew what they wanted in an employee to replace finance clerk Ann Moss, who recently resigned, but unfortunately the borough’s personnel code had never been updated to reflect the new job duties and skill requirements.


A resident of Berringer Place in Ben Avon reported a disturbance on Feb. 1.

Ohio Township Police received a report of criminal mischief to an automobile in a parking lot on Mt. Nebo Point Drive in Ohio Township on Feb. 2.

On Feb. 4, a business on Mt. Nebo Point Drive in Ohio Township reported retail theft.

On Feb. 4, a resident of Nicholson Road in Ohio Township reported fraud.

On Feb. 6, a business on Mt. Nebo Point Drive in Ohio Township reported retail theft.

A resident of Roosevelt Road in Ohio Township reported a civil dispute on Feb. 9.


At their Jan. 12 meeting, the school board approved a number of Avonworth staff members to attend professional conferences.

Media center specialists Jennifer Gould and Sara Osborn will attend the PA School Librarians Association Conference March 28-30, in Hershey, PA, at a cost not to exceed $700 plus mileage. Title IV funds will be used to pay for the trip.

Certified school nurses Mara Aletio and Colleen Barcaskey will attend the PA Association of School Nurses and Practitioners' annual education conference, March 29-31, in State College, PA.


Wednesday was what most would call a bad day for one garbage truck driver.

First, the truck was stopped on Shiloh Avenue in Bellevue when, according to Bellevue DPW supervisor Todd Giammatteo, the driver felt the back of his truck sink. The truck turned out to be in a sinkhole that measures about three feet deep and three to four feet wide. The driver was able to get the truck out without assistance, however, and continued on his route, only to get stuck once again when the truck snagged a tree on Maple Alley, bringing it down on top of the truck.


On Jan. 28, an individual reported credit fraud at a business on Ohio River Boulevard.

On Jan. 29, Avalon Police officers were dispatched to a house on Elizabeth concerning the report of a dead dog on the front porch. The dog was taken to a veterinarian. Police say the dog appeared to have died of natural causes.

No injuries were reported in a motor vehicle accident that occurred at Ohio River Boulevard and Locust Street on Jan. 29.

A motor vehicle accident involving three vehicles occurred on Ohio River Boulevard on Jan. 31. Police say that no injuries were reported.


Bellevue’s zoning hearing board delivered the news last week that a transitional housing program will not be able to operate as originally planned, and is currently in violation of the borough’s zoning laws.


A Waste Management employee was taken to the hospital and Forest Avenue in Bellevue was shut down to traffic Tuesday morning after something containing a hazardous material exploded in the garbage truck hopper.

Bellevue Volunteer Fire Company reported that the substance was muriatic acid, a form of hydrochloric acid sometimes used to clean masonry.Considered a very dangerous household chemical, its fumes can burn a person’s nose, throat and lungs.

Police say the explosion in the truck created a plume cloud that overwhelmed the Waste Management employee.


On Jan. 20, a resident of Harrison Avenue reported that her friend stole her rental car outside her residence. The vehicle was returned by an unknown male.

Avalon Police officers responded to motor vehicle accident on Park Avenue on Jan. 20. No one was injured, police say.

On Jan. 21, officers were called to a Marie Avenue residence for a report of a broken rear window on a jeep. It was determined that the window may have been broken by a rock from spinning tires while a vehicle was stuck on a patch of ice.


Bellevue Police arrested one man and seized a large quantity of suspected heroin during a recent traffic stop.

Damond F. Thomas, 40, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver on Jan. 24.

According to police, an officer was conducting survelliance on a house suspected of having drug deliveries and was able to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle leaving the home.

During the investigation, 11 bricks of heroin (550 stamp bags) were seized.

Thomas was delivered to the Allegheny County Jail for arraignment.


As recycling rules change across the region and country, North Boroughs residents have been confused about what can and cannot be placed in their recycling bins. A recent mailing from Waste Management didn’t’ help clear up any confusion, as glass was noticeably missing from both the “Do” and “Do Not” recycle lists.

Meanwhile, residents of other Pittsburgh area communities have been told they can no longer recycle glass bottles and jars.

In most of the North Boroughs, however, glass recycling will continue for at least the next couple years.


On Jan. 24, a resident of Nicholson Road in Ohio Township reported a disturbance.

On Jan. 26, a resident of Laurel Avenue in Ben Avon reported theft.

A business on Ben Avon Heights Road in Ohio Township reported retail theft on Jan. 26.

A resident of Buckingham Drive in Ohio Township reported a disturbance on Jan. 28.

On Jan. 28, a resident of Duff Road in Ohio Township reported fraud.

On Jan. 28, a business on Ben Avon Heights Road in Ohio Township reported retail theft.

A resident of Eicher Road in Kilbuck Township reported fraud on Jan. 28.


State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, (D. Allegheny County) announced on Jan. 29 that he was named vice chairman of the Ethics Committee of the state House of Representatives.

The House Ethics Committee conducts investigations, hearings and meetings relating to a specific issue, member, officer, or employee of the House on matters of conflicts of interests and misconduct in legislative duties.


A sign on the door of Luigi’s Pizzaria on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue says “Thank you for a great 42 years” and is signed by owner Luigi Della-Ragione, who served his last pizzas to hundreds of longtime customers who returned last weekend to say goodbye. The popular restaurant was a home away from home for many local youths who frequented its former location at the intersection of South Jackson Avenue to socialize and play video games. Luigi has decided to retire after 42 years in Bellevue, and a lifetime in the food service industry.


On Jan. 12, a vehicle slid off the roadway onto the curb and into a row of shrubs near the intersection of South Birmingham and Orchard streets. Police say snow-covered roads were the cause of the mishap.

On Jan. 14, a traffic accident occurred on California Avenue. Police say that no one was injured.

Todd Beam, 35, of Avalon, was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs on Jan. 14.

Traffic citations were issued to Donald Presutti, 71, of Avalon, on Jan. 16, after police say he was driving at high rate of speed through a school zone and failed to stop at a stop sign.


Bellevue Council will hold a public hearing on Feb. 12 to receive comments on whether council should allow the borough's state quota of bars to increase.

Bellevue is permitted to have two “R” or retail liquor licenses without input from the borough. Those licenses already are in place in the borough. A new restaurant scheduled to open at 407 Lincoln Avenue, “202 Hometown Tacos,” also wants to serve alcoholic beverages, and has asked council to approve a resolution allowing them to apply to the state Liquor Control Board (LCB) for a license.


A resident of Means Avenue told Bellevue Council at its regular meeting Tuesday that an influx of traffic resulting from council's decision to make part of North Avenue one-way has created a dangerous situation on the neighboring street.

Council elected to eliminate two-way traffic on about half of North Avenue because the street is so narrow, and there is a blind spot on a hill where oncoming traffic is not visible. Rather than widen the travel area by eliminating parking, council made the part of North closest to Union Avenue one-way from Union Avenue.


A business located on Mt Nebo Pointe Drive in Ohio Township reported retail theft on Jan. 16.

A resident of Bear Run Drive in Ohio Township reported a disturbance on Jan. 16.

On Jan. 17, a business on Camp Horne Road in Ohio Township reported harassment.

On Jan. 17, a patron at a business on Mt. Nebo Road in Ohio Township reported money being stolen from their wallet after it was left at the checkout counter.

A driver on Camp Horne Road reported criminal mischief to an automobile after his car was hit with rocks on Jan. 18.


A resident of Tingley Avenue also approached Bellevue Council at its regular meeting on Tuesday, concerned about an area along the street where water is collecting, creating a swampy mess filled with bugs in the summer, and freezing into a dangerous chunk of ice in the winter.

Although residents believe the water problem coincides with gas line work done a couple years ago, borough officials said they need to determine the source of the water before they can come up with a solution.


Bellevue could become the area’s first “Compassionate Community” if borough officials agree to enact some animal welfare policies and practices.

The program offered by Animal Friends primarily focuses on the treatment of feral, neighborhood and free-roaming cats. If you are a dog lover, do not fear: Humane Action Pittsburgh is asking Bellevue Council to adopt several ordinances that specifically target puppy mills.


Brandon Chavez, 22, of Ambridge, was arrested for possession of suspected marijuana following a traffic stop on Jan. 8.

Following a dispute on Jan. 8, George Schaffner, 52, of Avalon and Janice Niedbala, 57, of Sewickley, were arrested.

A motor vehicle accident occurred on Jan. 9 at South Birmingham and Taylor avenues when a car slid into a fire hydrant. Police say no one was injured, but the vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

On Jan. 10, Michael McGuire, 42, of Carnegie, was arrested for possession of suspected marijuana.