A $1.2 million renovation project for the borough building was approved unanimously by Bellevue Council at its regular meeting on May 5.

Jeff Foreman, an architect from the Eckles Group, which designed the building renovations, was present at the meeting and said that he had received the bids for the work to be done on the building.

According to director of administrative services Connie Flasher, the project includes renovating the administrative office area, making the building handicapped accessible, replacing the flooring in the building, and electrical, heating and cooling work.


Bellevue Police Department will get two new officers, as the hirings were preliminarily approved at Bellevue Council's regular meeting on May 5.

The borough will hire two police officers from the civil service elegibility list. The motion passed by a vote of 7-2, with council members Jane Braunlich and Linda Woshner opposed.


Bellevue Council authorized the purchase of dirt for Gillott Field at its regular meeting on May 5.

The dirt could cost up to $1,000.


Avonworth School District’s musical "Into the Woods" has been nominated for four Gene Kelly awards. The honor was announced by superintendent Dr. Valerie McDonald at the school boards work session on May 4.

The play is up for best musical, best lighting, best actress (Andrea Weinzerl), and best supporting actress (Chelsea Stewart).


Bellevue Council approved, at its regular meeting on May 5, the purchase of a new diving board for the Memorial Park Pool at a cost not to exceed $3,000.

Public works supervisor Tony Barbarino said that the current diving board at the pool is cracked. Council originally was going to purchase the same type of board as the current one for $1,914.73, until council member Mark Helbling asked if there were any alternatives that would last longer so the board would not have to be replaced so often. According to council member Jerry Walter the board at the pool now lasted only five years.


The Avonworth School Board made its choices for board treasurer and board secretary for the next year at its work session on May 4.

With no other nominations for the position, the Avonworth School Board named Frank Mucha its treasurer, while Nancy DePace was unanimously elected to a four-year term as board secretary.


A truck stolen from a resident of Pennsylvania Avenue in Emsworth Monday night was quickly recovered, but not in very good shape. The thief did not get very far before wrecking into a tree and fleeing the scene on foot.

Robert Massilon, 27, of Ohio Township, was arrested for simple assault after police responded to a report of a domestic incident in the township on April 30.

Jennifer White, 31, of Pittsburgh, was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) during a traffic stop on Breading Avenue in Ben Avon on May 2.


Bellevue Council at its regular meeting on May 5, approved two ordinances.

The first was a “Knox Box Ordinance” that requires certain structures to have a key lock box installed on the exterior of the building for fire safety purposes.


Bellevue Council unanimously approved, at its regular meeting on May 5, the purchase of new playground equipment for Bayne Park.

The borough will use a $10,000 grant that it received last year, and contribute $995 of its own money, for the purchase of two swing sets, a carousel and seesaw. The price does not include installation.

Council member Jerry Walter asked why installation was not included. Public works supervisor Tony Barbarino said that the public works department will do the installation.


Bellevue Council unanimously awarded DeNoon Lumber Company, who was the highest bidder, a contract for the timber harvest sale program, at its regular meeting on May 5.

DeNoon will pay the borough $17,500 for the lumber.


Bellevue Council approved a motion for the borough to advertise and sell two borough vehicles at council’s regular meeting on May 5.

The borough will sell a one-ton dump truck, as well as the DARE police car.


Bellevue Council approved, at its regular meeting on May 5, the purchase of weed killer.

The weed killer will cost $2,500.


A California Avenue man faces felony aggravated assault charges for reportedly punching a police officer on April 25.

Police say they were called to a California Avenue home where a loud party had been reported. They encountered Justin Harvey on the porch, and say that his hand was covered in blood. Officers report they then heard a female screaming inside the home, and went inside to check on her welfare. Harvey reportedly punched in the chest the officer who attempted to restrain him while the screams were investigated.


Avonworth School Board at its regular meeting on April 13, approved a calendar that will change the number of two-hour delay days that are built into the schedule.

The number of delay days decreased from nine to only five in the new calendar. Instead there will be the addition of one full Act 80 day. There are four full Act 80 days in the 2009-10 tentative calendar rather than the three days that are in the current 2008-09 calendar.


A home on Means Avenue was reported burglarized on April 21.

A resident on Watkins Avenue reported on April 27 that her home had been burglarized.

A vehicle on Sumner Avenue was reported stolen on April 22. The vehicle later was recovered by Pittsburgh Police.

A North Sprague Avenue resident reported April 22 that her vehicle had been stolen during the night.

The unauthorized use of a credit card was reported by a resident of North Balph Avenue on April 23.

Classic Chevrolet reported on April 27 that two of its company-owned vehicles were vandalized over the weekend.


For the second time in a month, a regularly scheduled Bellevue Council meeting was cancelled due to the lack of a quorum.

The pre-council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, was not held when five council members were not able to attend. Missing were council president Kathy Coder, vice president Lisa Blaney-Stewart, safety committee chairman Jerry Walter, public works committee chairman Mike Kutschbach and council member David Gillingham Jr.


Stimulus money and reserve funds will help a deficit of nearly $1 million in the Northgate School District’s proposed 2009-10 budget.

According to Northgate superintendent Dr. Reggie Bonfield, the proposed budget shows expenditures of about $19.1 million and revenues of about $18.2 million, leaving a deficit of $960,167.

Bonfield said that he hopes to recover some of that deficit with the anticipated federal stimulus money and that the district will transfer the remaining money from the reserve funds rather than increasing the property tax millage rate.


Dozens of police officers from multiple jurisdictions surrounded a Division Avenue home in Bellevue for more than four hours Tuesday evening, only to find that the robbery suspect believed to be inside had gotten away -- but not for long.


It was a bad week for trees in Ben Avon.

On Sunday, a large tree on Ohio River Boulevard fell over, reportedly due to being rotted, onto a vehicle. No one was injured.

Monday night, a tree on Church Avenue near Virginia Avenue also fell, this one blocking the street and causing a power outage when wires were pulled from a transformer.

Ben Avon Volunteer Fire Co. responded to both incidents.



A former member of the Northgate School Board, now living in the Avonworth School District, urged the school board Monday to find alternatives to a planned .75 mill property tax increase.

"In the current economic times we are facing, it is critical every step is taken to avoid the simplistic view of just increasing the tax rate," said former Northgate School Board finance chairman Keith Egyed. "I would stress that you find a way not to increase taxes."


Northgate officials have long lamented the fact that some $160,000 is spent each year to cover the tuition of district students who attend cyber charter schools rather than Northgate’s own facilities. The expenditure of stimulus funds for special education students, however, could open a door that will close off that drain on the district’s budget.


The Avonworth School Board approved, at its regular meeting on April 13, a contract with Williams-Scotsman for two modular classrooms.

The trailers will allow the district to handle an overflow of students at the elementary school while officials decide how best to expand the school permanently.

The district will pay $165,000 over the term of a four-year lease, then pay $1 to purchase the classrooms, according to director of fiscal management Brad Waters.


Avonworth School Board approved the purchase of 17 new textbooks for the 2009-10 school year at its regular meeting on April 13.

The total cost of the new books is $97,413.25.


Avonworth School Board has approved the creation of three new teaching positions for the 2009-10 school year.

At the board meeting on April 13, a full-time elementary school teaching position and a global studies and communications position were authorized, both by a vote of 8-1, with board member Jeff Schmid voting against both.