Ben Avon is considering eliminating the Bookmobile service in the borough. In drafting the 2010 budget, council member Judy Konitsney, head of finance, said at the Oct. 20 council meeting that she recommends not renewing the service for the coming year.

The Bookmobile comes to Ben Avon once a week for an hour, and she said that on average, 24 people have been using it, of which 16 are borough residents. And at a cost of $9,115, that averages out to $11 per person, per hour. Ben Avon Heights had contributed to the cost in 2009, but is not planning to do so next year.


Northgate H1N1 vaccinations The Northgate School District has announced dates for H1N1 vaccinations for students in grades 5-12.

Superintendent Dr. Reggie Bonfield said, at the school board's regular meeting on Monday, that students in grades 9-12 will be able to receive the vaccine on Monday, Oct. 26, and Monday, Nov. 2, from 2 to 7 p.m.

Bonfield said that students in grades 5-8, who are 10 years old or older, will be able to receive the vaccine on Wednesday, Oct. 28, and Wednesday, Nov. 4, from 2 to 7 p.m.


Repair work on Pennsylvania Avenue in Emsworth will have to wait until the spring.


Police have arrested a man they say fired several shots and assaulted a Bellevue doctor and his wife Wednesday evening before stealing narcotics.

Police were called to the Suburban General Professional Building at the corner of Lincoln and South Jackson avenues shortly after 5:30 p.m. when shots were reported fired in an office on the basement floor of the building.


Police and firefighters from Avalon, Ben Avon and Bellevue worked to rescue the driver of a vehicle hit head-on on Ohio River Boulevard in Avalon Friday morning. The woman was believed to have suffered a leg injury. She was transported to the hospital by NorthWest EMS. Photo by Connie Rankin for The Citizen


Avalon Police officers answering a disturbance call on South Ohio Street Oct. 10 ended up arresting a North Side man and seizing some 65 bags of suspected heroin.


A resident of Meade Avenue reported that two purses and a vehicle had been stolen during a burglary at the home on Oct. 10.

A Cliff Avenue resident reported an attempted burglary the same day.

A vehicle on Kendall Avenue was reported broken into on Oct. 7. Money and electronics were reported stolen.

The door to a home on South Harrison was reported vandalized on Oct. 11.

Ian McGee, 33, of Orchard Avenue, faces charges of simple assault and obstructing justice at the scene of a vehicle crash on Ohio River Boulevard on Oct. 6.


The death of a man whose body was discovered during a Bellevue fire has been ruled a homicide.


In an effort to spread the cost of covering a projected budget deficit and the cost of mandated sewer repairs, Emsworth residents urged officials Wednesday to increase a tax levied on people who work in the borough.

Facing an increase in sewage fees next year, residents who attended the Oct. 14 council meeting called for an increase in a $26 Local Services Tax (LST) approved by council at a special meeting on Sept. 23.


School flu update Although Northgate has received confirmation of its first case of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, the illness has not yet made much of an impact on student attendance.

Superintendent Dr. Reggie Bonfield told school board members Monday that one student has been confirmed to have contracted the virus. Bonfield said they he suspects that other students have as well, but those cases have not been confirmed.


School flu update Although Northgate has received confirmation of its first case of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, the illness has not yet made much of an impact on student attendance.

Superintendent Dr. Reggie Bonfield told school board members Monday that one student has been confirmed to have contracted the virus. Bonfield said they he suspects that other students have as well, but those cases have not been confirmed.


Two Avalon residents have been charged with the Sept. 11 robbery of the Ben Avon Mini Mart.


Two people were tied up and property stolen from their apartment during a “home invasion” by two armed males last Friday, Oct. 2.

The young couple walked to the Bellevue police station to report the robbery after their cell phone was stolen, police say.

According to Police Chief Matt Sentner, the two told police that they were awakened by two unknown black males who tied them up and then began removing property from the apartment. Among the items stolen were two guns, a game cube and DVDs, in addition to the phone and a small amount of cash.


Bellevue Council voted unanimously Tuesday to fill the vacant third ward council seat.

The vacancy created by the August resignation of Jerry Walter was filled by Mark Panichella, who will serve until the end of the year.

Panichella, 39, of Dawson Avenue, is the Democratic candidate for that seat, and will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot for a four-year term.

A native of Greensburg, he holds a bachelor of arts degree from West Virginia University and is the director of human resources for the VITAC corporation.


Bond refinanced

Refinancing Ohio Township's current bond will produce about $87,000 for capital projects.

The Ohio Township Supervisors voted unanimously at their Oct. 5 meeting to refinance the debt. Township manager John L. Sullivan Jr. said that favorable interest rates had allowed refinancing with no extension of the amount or term of the bond. Instead the township will receive $87,000 as a refund or reimbursement for capital projects, he said.

Contract extension


Fall leaf pick-up will begin soon in Bellevue.

Loose leaf pick-up will be done from Monday, Oct. 12, until Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Loose leaf collection will take place only on streets that have posted street sweeping days and times. Residents who live on streets that do not have posted sweeping days and times must bag all leaves for Friday front street pick-ups. There will be no loose leaf collection in any alleys.

Residents are reminded to place all loose leaves on the street at the curb line prior to 7 a.m. Leaf piles covered by illegally parked cars cannot be picked up.


Election day could come a month early for one candidate for Bellevue Council.

Council currently has a vacancy created by the Aug. 26 resignation of third ward representative Jerry Walter. Although Walter did not remove his name from the Nov. 3 general election ballot, he is not considered a viable candidate. That leaves Democrat Mark Panichella in good position to be elected to the seat next month.

He could, however, be appointed to fill the council vacancy as early as next Tuesday, during council's regular meeting.


Leaf collection will begin in late October in Ben Avon.

Residents are asked to rake leaves to the curb. No twigs, branches, mulched material, grass or other debris will be collected.

A final pass will be made on each street the last week of November. Collection of leaves on Ohio River Boulevard will occur the first week of December.

Once a street has been collected for the last time, residents are asked not to place any additional leaves at the curbside. Leaves can be bagged for disposal during weekly refuse collection.


Those working within the borough of Emsworth could be paying a little more in local taxes beginning next year.

Emsworth Borough Council voted, at a special meeting on Sept. 23, to implement a local service tax, which will cost anyone working in the borough $26 per year.

The tax will replace the $10 occupational privilege tax that the borough currently has in place, according to council member Paul Getz.

Getz said that the tax will go into effect at the beginning of 2010.


Some 62 vehicles were stopped during a detail conducted Tuesday on Route 65 and Camp Horne Road, as well as on Neville Island.

Ohio Township Police hosted the detail as part of the North Hills Regional Vehicle Inspection Task Force.

According to police, eight trucks were taken out of service, and 53 citations were issued for motor vehicle code violations.

Among the citations were 16 for secure load problems, nine safety chain violations, 15 equipment violations, four weight problems and 15 brake violations.


Early probation end?

Bellevue Council could decide whether to end an employee's probationary period early so that he will be eligible for borough-paid health insurance.

Council member David Gillingham Jr. said at the Sept. 30 pre-council meeting that if council releases recent public works hire George Bauer from probation a month early, he would be eligible to receive insurance benefits through the borough.


Bellevue Council's parks and recreation committee has recommended selling a portion of Memorial Park.

The portion in question is the lot along Bellevue Road that Bellevue was forced recently to clear of vegetation, debris and stored building materials.

Because all of Memorial Park lies within Ross Township, rather than Bellevue, the property is subject to Ross property maintenance laws. After the township received complaints this summer from residents along an adjacent street, Bellevue cut down trees, removed poison ivy, and was forced to find a new home for stored bricks.


The fire that severely damaged a Marie Avenue home in Avalon early Thursday morning was deliberately set, fire officials say.

Firefighters from throughout the North Boroughs were called to 305 Marie Ave. about 3 a.m. when a trash fire was reported.

According to Avalon Fire Chief Bill Carney, the fire started on a side porch. Assistant Chief Chuck Berrie said that the fire had worked itself up into the second and third floors of the single-family home before firefighters were called.