Avalon residents who are bothered by door-to-door solicitors now have the ability to keep those sales reps off their front porches.

Avalon Council has adopted an ordinance that will create a “No Knock” list. Residents will be able to have their addresses included on a list that will be distributed to solicitors with instructions that they are not permitted to visit those homes.

The new ordinance also increases the fee for a solicitation permit from $10 to $30.


On Dec. 17, an Avalon resident reported to police that someone stole a winning lottery ticket from his vehicle.

On Dec. 18, Andrew Gorsuch, 31, of Avalon, was cited for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

A resident reported the theft of packages from his porch on Dec. 21.

Max Ringer, 50, of Avalon, was arrested for public drunkenness on Dec. 22.

Following a traffic stop on Dec. 23, Britney Gibson, 32, of Avalon and Tawana Hamilton, 40, of McKees Rocks, were arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.


A resident of Bryson Avenue in Emsworth reported a disturbance on Dec. 19.

A business on Mt. Nebo Pointe Drive in Ohio Township reported disorderly conduct on Dec. 19.

On Dec. 20, a business on Ben Avon Heights Road in Ohio Township reported disorderly conduct.

A resident on Ohio River Boulevard in Emsworth reported harassment by communications on Dec. 25.


The 203rd Legislative Session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives began Jan. 1 with the swearing in of new and returning legislators.

The North Boroughs municipalities make up parts of three different legislative districts, where voters went to the polls last November to elect two veterans and one rookie to the state house.


Avalon Council has adopted a $3.3 budget for 2019 with no increase in the property tax millage rate, but officials are still looking at how they might fund the government until property tax revenues start coming in next spring.


A business on Camp Horne Road in Ohio Township reported harassment by communication on Dec. 5.

A resident of Hiland Avenue in Emsworth reported fraud on Dec. 5.

On Dec. 6, a resident of Cliffside Drive in Emsworth reported a disturbance.

On Dec. 7, a resident of Wedgewood Drive in Ohio Township reported the theft of a package.

A resident of Avon Drive in Emsworth reported a disturbance on Dec. 10.

A resident of Norwood Avenue in Kilbuck Township reported fraud on Dec. 12,

On Dec. 14, a resident of Gateway Drive in Ohio Township reported fraud.


On Nov. 1, Bellevue Police received a report that a juvenile had items stolen while walking to school.

On Nov. 1, a Lincoln Avenue apartment resident reported items had been stolen.

A Shiloh Avenue resident reported that an unknown individual attempted to enter the residence by kicking in the back door on Nov. 1.

Bellevue Police are investigating a possible sexual assault reported on Nov. 2.

On Nov. 3, a resident of Division avenue reported damage to the vehicle’s driver side rear fender on Nov. 3.


Bellevue Council will hold a hearing Monday on the borough’s proposed 2018-19 budget, which has undergone a few substantive changes since its inception and presentation by Mayor Emily Marburger in October. The proposed full-time paid fire chief position has been eliminated, the street repair budget has been increased, but the large salary increases remain part of the spending plan.


A motor vehicle accident occurred on North Home Avenue on Nov. 27. Police say no one was injured.

Three deer in the road caused a motor vehicle accident on Nov. 27 at Frederick Street and New Brighton Road. Police say no one was injured.

Jacob Hines, 23, of Bellevue, was arrested for public drunkenness on Nov. 28.

A resident of California Avenue reported on Nov. 28 that someone had stolen the handicap placard from a vehicle.

On Nov. 29, a resident of Semple Avenue reported fraud by someone using I-Tune cards.


By Nancy Whyte

As required by the Pennsylvania School Code, the Avonworth School Board held its reorganization meeting during the first week of December.

At Monday night’s meeting, outgoing president David Oberdick handled the duties of temporary president. Beau Blaser was declared president for 2019, and Vicki Carlson will serve as vice president.

Kate Monti and Jeff Carraway will be the 2019 representatives to the Northern Area Special (A.W. Beattie Career Center.)


On Oct. 1, the manager of a Lincoln Avenue retail store reported that a $100 bill passed by a male customer was confirmed by a Lincoln Avenue bank to be counterfeit.

On Oct. 1, the manager of a Lincoln Avenue drug store reported that a male customer attempted to stuff items in his shirt and leave without paying.

Bellevue Police received a report of two adult males fighting in the middle of Lincoln Avenue on Oct. 1.

A resident of Howard Avenue reported a stolen vehicle on Oct. 4.


A resident of Avon Drive in Emsworth reported a disturbance on Nov. 17.

On Nov. 17, a business on Mt. Nebo Pointe Drive in Ohio Township reported an attempted retail theft.

A civil dispute was reported by a business located on Camp Horne Road in Ohio Township on Nov. 19.

On Nov. 19, a resident of Alder Drive in Ben Avon reported a dispute.

A business on Mt. Nebo Point Drive in Ohio Township reported theft from a vehicle on Nov. 20.

A business on Mt. Nebo Road in Ohio Township reported theft on Nov. 23.


Emsworth Borough's proposed budget for 2019 is available for perusal at the Borough Building during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The proposed budget anticipates receiving $2,169,904 in total income and plans on having $2,160,243 in expenses.

Proposed Emsworth Ordinance 1005, sets the 2019 real estate tax rate at 3.955 mils. This is the same millage as in fiscal year 2018.

Council anticipates approving both the budget and Ordinance 1005 at the Dec. 12 meeting.


Bellevue Mayor Emily Marburger broke a tie vote among borough council members Tuesday night that will designate eight spaces on North Fremont Avenue as permit-only parking.


After months of discussion, Bellevue Council voted at its regular meeting Tuesday to allow a private company to solicit service line warranty business using the borough’s logo.


Bellevue Council did not, as expected, authorize the creation of a secure reception area further away from the current department administrative offices.


Lawrence Grimm, 37, of Bellevue, was arrested on Nov. 14 for driving under the influence of a controlled substance, and possession of a conmtrolled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Following a traffic stop on Nov. 14, Damon Mills Elliot, of Crafton, was cited for drug equipment violations.

On Nov. 14, a resident of Taylor Avenue reported that someone broke into his apartment.

On Nov. 15, Avalon Police officers were called to California Avenue for a two vehicle accident. No injuries were reported.


Bellevue Police are warning residents to be vigilant about packages being delivered to their homes.

Monday, Nov. 26 is “Cyber Monday,” and because thieves may be preparing to take advantage of the holiday shopping season, police are encouraging on-line shoppers to take precautions when having items delivered.

One suggestion is to pick up delivered packages immediately or ask a neighbor to collect them. Most UPS, USPS, and FedEx deliveries have tracking ser-vices, so one has a good idea when the order will arrive.


The Northgate football team may be playing home games under those “Friday night lights” next year. The district's school board voted unanimously Monday to move ahead with a modified field rehabilitation project estimated to cost somewhere in the area of $1.1 million.

The move came at the board's regular meeting, held one week after a similar motion was defeated in a 4-3 vote. The original motion included a $600,000 project to better secure the entryways at all three Northgate schools, as well as field renovations estimated to cost $1.5 million.



Extra chairs needed to be added to the standard audience area of the Emsworth Borough Council room to seat all the Emsworth residents who attended the Nov. 14 council meeting to complain about North Avenue.

North Avenue has been closed to vehicular traffic for weeks due to problems that arose during the road rehabilitation project that was supposed to have been finished in September. With deep ditches gouged on each side and with no gravel covering the slippery mostly-clay and dirt bottom, the road is essentially closed to foot traffic, as well.


Major improvements will be made to the community park in Avalon Borough, thanks to a state grant .

Avalon Borough will receive $77,500 to rehabilitate Avalon Park on New Brighton Road. Work will include renovating ballfields, dugouts and a track. Pedestrian walkways, a bleacher and a scoreboard will also be installed.

Avalon is one of six grant recipients recently announced by Pennsylvania Sen.Wayne D. Fontana. The six state grants total $952,500 and will be used to fund local environmental/recreational projects.


Although the first quarter of the 2018-19 school year has just been completed, the Avonworth School Board has passed the district calendar for the next school year.

At Monday night’s regular meeting, the board unanimously passed the 2019-20 school calendar. The first day of school for students in grades 1 through 12 will be Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 and the last day and graduation are scheduled for Friday, June 5.


Bellevue engineer Ben Gilberti gave the borough council an overview Tuesday of the mandated plan for stormwater management that must be submitted to the state in order to obtain a permit for completing similarly mandated projects.


On a second pass-through of the Ben Avon budget, council member Ken Opipery said he was able to make some adjustments and bring it into balance without raising taxes. He said he noticed some extra money that was no longer needed for salaries, and even though he bolstered the cost for some of the utilities, he was able to set it at $1,221,168 -- more than $12,000 lower than last year's.