Bellevue Borough took several steps closer to becoming a “compassionate community” when council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, adopted four ordinances designed to protect animals.They will have to revisit one of those ordinances, however, as officials made changes that defeated the purpose of a law regulating pet store sales of animals.


Alan Monroe, 51, of Aliquippa, was arrested on March 17 for possession of a controlled substance.

Luther Lane Springs Jr., 28, of Monroeville, was arrested on March 17 for driving under the influence of alcohol and a controlled substance.

Jennifer McQuillan, 37, of Glenshaw, was arrested on March 18 for possession of a controlled substance.

During a traffic stop on March 18, Jason Lee Mifflin, 35, of Wexford, was cited for driving without a license and expired registration. Additionally, Paul Stephany Jr., 35, of Avalon, was cited for possession of a controlled substance.


Not only did Bellevue Council finalize an agreement that will allow a new business to serve alcoholic beverages, it has established a procedure to be used in any future applications for liquor licenses above the state-mandated quota.

Council was caught completely off guard in January when the owners of the soon-to-open 202 Hometown Tacos presented their business plan and asked that council adopt a resolution required by the state Liquor Control Board (LCB) because the business would hold the third liquor license in a borough that was limited to two licenses based on population.


Bellevue Council, at its regular meeting on Tuesday, approved the expenditure of $57,680 for the purchase of 37 security cameras that will be placed in numerous undisclosed locations in the borough.

Police Chief Matt Sentner said that the cameras would be placed in various locations such as Lincoln Avenue and the borough's parks.


Broadway visits the North Boroughs next week, with Avonworth students staging “The Little Mermaid” and Northgate students presenting their version of “Freaky Friday.”


Northgate School District has received a $150,000 grant from the Grable Foundation to support its “College in High School” program.

Currently, students can take Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) classes as part of the high school curriculum. The classes are taught in the high school by Northgate teachers. There is no charge for the classes unless students want to earn college credit.

Superintendent Dr. Caroline Johns said that the grant money would be used to help students who want credit for the classes.


Bellevue has been awarded a $30,000 grant to help create an “outdoor gym” adjacent to the baseball field in Memorial Park.


A hit and run accident occurred on Ohio River Boulevard near Locust Street on March 12.

John V. Anderson, 23, of Freedom, was arrested on March 13 for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

On March 15, a motor vehicle accident occurred at North Home and Starr avenues. Avalon Police say that no one was injured.

Derrick Dawkins, 42, of Pittsburgh, was arrested on March 15 for possession of a controlled substance, and possession with intent to deliver.


Avalon will need a new third ward council representative soon, as the resignation of council member J.P. McFeeley was accepted at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

McFeeley was appointed to council in June of 2017, filling a vacancy left by the resignation of John Vetterly. In the November general election that year, he was elected to a four-year term on council.

He said that he is resigning from council effective April 1 because he and his family are moving to Cranberry, where he will be closer to his work as a teacher and coach with the Seneca Valley School District.



With a demographic study showing continued enrollment growth in the Avonworth School District, administrators and officials are now trying to develop a plan to handle the addition of as many as 400 new students in the next five to 10 years.

Shelby Stewman of Stewman Demographics, LLC conducted a demographic study that predicts the enrollment at Avonworth schools will grow from 1,796 in the current school year to as much as 2,200.


As a result of the borough council awarding contracts at its March meeting, two large projects will begin soon in Emsworth.

The Marmo Park renovation project involves resurfacing the existing basketball court, converting the tennis court to pickleball courts, minor drainage work, parking lot milling and overlay and installing ADA access. Six bids were received for the project, ranging in price from $67,050 to more than $300,000.

McElroy Paving, Inc. was awarded the contract for $67,050.


An architectural firm has been given permission to design and solicit bids for changes to the entrances at all three Northgate School District buildings. The changes have been recommended as a way of making the buildings more secure.

At Monday’s regular school board meeting, the board approved an expenditure of no more than $14,000 to have HHSDR proceed with the design services and contract bidding.


Avalon Council is considering an ordinance that will require certain buildings in the borough to install boxes that will provide access to emergency responders.

The ordinance primarily will apply to residential buildings with more than three stories, which also have a locked common entry.

The “Knox Box” will contain a key to the building in case fire, police and emergency medical personnel need to access the structure in the event of an emergency. First responders will be the only ones able to open the Knox Box.


The Northgate School Board approved some changes to the electives that will be offered to seventh and eighth grade students next year.

The following electives will be offered on a full-year basis: chorus, band and orchestra.

Semester-long electives will include family and consumer science, art, industrial arts, computer science, and school news.


As expected, the Northgate School Board voted Monday to eliminate the dean of students position at the middle-senior high school, replacing it with an assistant principal position.

High school English teacher Nicole Smith was hired for the job at a salary of $80,000.


The Emsworth Volunteer Fire Company’s new truck has arrived!

Last Friday, Emsworth Fire Chief Jim Kohl, Assistant Fire Chief Mike Adams and President Joe Koehler drove to Meyersdale, PA in Somerset County to pick up the new vehicle. Leaving at 5:30 a.m., they arrived back around 8 p.m.

The Spartan Fire Engine is a pumper that was custom built for Emsworth by manufacturer Four Guys.


On March 13, a resident of Plummer Avenue in Emsworth reported a disturbance.

On March 15, a driver traveling on Center Avenue in Emsworth reported criminal mischief. A rock was thrown at their vehicle.

A resident of Ohio River Boulevard in Emsworth reported a threat on March 16.

A resident of Kensington Drive in Ohio Township reported fraud on March 17.


Some, but not all, of the paging system updates presented last week to the Northgate School Board were approved at this week’s regular meeting.

The board approved replacement of the high school’s original (1975) base communications system that allows announcements to be made throughout the school. That project, with work done by Horizon Information Services, will cost $17,920.

The system also will be extended to the ground floor, where the administrative offices are storage are located, at a cost of $5,640.


Along with robins returning and spring arriving, another activity marks the end of winter woes: pothole repair.

According to Emsworth Council member and head of the public works committee Brian Fashian, the Emsworth “Pothole Blitz” has begun. At the March 13 council meeting he explained that 2.5 tons of cold patch had been applied over the previous two days. Some of the holes were quite large and deep, he stated, and additional holes will continue being filled.


The Northgate School Board will have several options to consider for replacement of the high school communications system, used for announcements, paging and class bells.

The current system was installed in 1975, according to facilities manager Scott Smith, and definitely needs to be replaced.


On March 5, Avalon Police officers were called to California Avenue for a hit and run accident to a vehicle.


Bellevue Council inched closer to allowing a new restaurant to obtain a liquor license Tuesday when officials agreed to stop intervening in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's application process if the business owners will sign one of two pending agreements.


The internal problems plaguing the Bellevue Fire Department once again have reached a boiling point, leading to raised voices and an executive session following Bellevue’s pre-council meeting on Tuesday.

The issue has become a matter of concern for Bellevue Council because in addition to the volunteer fire company, which is a private entity, the borough employs three paid firefighters who answer only to Bellevue, and not to the volunteer fire chief or fire company officers.


The third grading period of the 2018-19 school year for Avonworth students is being extended.

At their March 11 meeting, the school board approved changing the end date of the third nine weeks for grades 3-12 from March 18 to March 22, due to the four inclement weather make-up days.