Zoning appointment

It took some time and a little conflict, but Bellevue Council was able to fill a vacancy on the borough’s zoning hearing board at Tuesday evening’s pre-council meeting.

There were five candidates for the position. The first two nominated -- by council members Linda Woshner and Val Pennington -- were rejected in 5-4 votes that reflect the current political divide on council: Opposed were Tom Fodi, Grant Saylor, Glenn Pritchard, Anya Pikul and Jodi Hause. Voting in favor were Woshner, Pennington, Tom Hrynda and Anthony DiTullio.

At that point, Woshner became frustrated and asked the majority to simply state who they wanted appointed rather than putting council and the candidates through a charade. Pikul nominated current hearing board alternate Christopher Driscoll. Although DiTullio joined the majority in voting to appoint Driscoll, he cautioned council against continuing to appoint board members from the Bellevue Initiative for Growth and Revitalization (BIGr) to government positions. “I’m hearing a lot about it. It’s being noticed,” DiTullio said. Driscoll is not listed as a BIGr board member on the organization’s Web site. Saylor objected to candidates for borough positions being judged by what other volunteer work they do.

Council also disagreed along the same 5-4 lines on who should take over the alternate seat left vacant by Driscoll’s appointment to the board itself. The majority rejecting yet another minority nomination led to another exchange between Woshner and Saylor. Saylor accused Woshner of patronizing him and told her “Your days of bullying (council) people are over.”

Jeffrey Stuncard was appointed to the alternate position.