Union sewer project

Area motorists can expect some delays on Union Avenue in the near future, as Bellevue has come up with a solution to the problem of a broken sanitary sewer line that has been leaking into the creek that runs through Avalon Park.

Heading from Lincoln Avenue towards Northgate High School, the break was discovered just a short distance before the school’s driveway, located right in the middle of one lane of traffic. Engineer Ben Gilberti said that temporary steps have been taken to pump sewage from a manhole before the break into one located further down Union, which has eliminated the pollution of the creek.

Coming up with a longterm solution proved more difficult, as multiple large water and gas lines are located in the area. Gilberti said the plan was to avoid excavation beneath or near those lines and avoid the risk of one of them breaking.

Instead, what will happen is that the old sewer line will be sealed prior to the break, and a new line installed that will run parallel to the other utility pipes and eventually link to the existing sewer line in the area of the Verizon parking lot on Union.

Gilberti said that work is expected to begin the week after next, and will take about a week to complete. The project will cost Bellevue $100,000.