Trading places at Ohio Twp. P.D.

The retirement of a couple key officers in the Ohio Township Police Department this year has led to some new appointments. Pictured from left, Officer Eric Wallace and his new K-9 partner, Larry; Ryan Ging, who has officially become the department’s new full-time investigator; and Sheridan Rose, a part-time officer who now becomes full-time and assists in investigations.

Ohio Township Police Chief Joe Hanny is rebuilding his department from within, filling the vacancies left by his promotion from detective to chief earlier this year.

The first spot that needed to be filled was Hanny's old job in investigations. Ohio Township has one full-time officer devoted entirely to investigating felonies and reports of crimes such as child abuse. Officer Ryan Ging has been assisting with investigations for most of his 12-year tenure with the Ohio Township Police Department, so he was a natural to move into the position full-time. He is more than qualified, with both bachelor's and master's degrees, training in forensics and crime scene investigation, electronic crimes and sexual assault, and assignments with both the North Hills Special Response Team (similar to SWAT) and the Secret Service financial crimes task force.

His new partner is Sheridan Rose, who has worked as a part-time officer with OTPD for the past eight years. He has the same forensics and investigative training as Ging. Prior to working for Ohio Township, he spent 12 years in the Unites States Army that included service in Iraq. His platoon sergeant in the Army was none other than his current boss, Chief Hanny.

A vacancy created by the retirement this summer of another key officer also has been filled. K-9 Rico is now enjoying his retirement at the home of his handler, Officer Eric Wallace, while a new pup takes his place on patrol.

Larry is a German Shepherd who was born in Czechoslovakia and trained in the Netherlands. He became part of OTPD's K-9 program through a grant from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. At 18 months old and weighing in at about 85 lbs., Larry is the third canine who has worked with Wallace, who comes by his dog training and handling ability naturally; his father trained military dogs at missile sites, and helped the City of Pittsburgh Police start its K-9 program many years go.

Wallace trained with Larry, whom he chose from more than 50 dogs at Shallow Creek Kennels in Hermitage, PA, before the pup officially went on duty in August. Like Rico and Cak before him, Larry is trained to detect narcotics, and also in tracking.