Student time off

Avonworth High School students will receive some unanticipated “time off” as a result of a motion passed by the school board at the April 18 meeting.

High school principal Keera Dwulit proposed that following final exams on Wednesday, May 24, and Thursday, May 25, high school students be granted early dismissal. Dwulit stated she had reviewed attendance records in previous years and that there were extraordinarily high numbers of early dismissals requested by parents for high school students on similar afternoons.

Superintendent Tom Ralston agreed that in many afternoon classes on those days following the morning-administered final exams, there were not enough students left in attendance for any constructive use of the time.

The members of the board unanimously approved the motion to grant early dismissal to high school students on May 24 and 25. High school teachers and students who attend the middle school, elementary school, and primary center will not be affected and will be dismissed at the usual times.

Ralston said the exact time of dismissal on those days will be determined and announced in the near future.