Student art show

Photo by Tom Steiner for The Citizen

The annual student art show at the Hermann Museum on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue opened on the evening of Jan. 11, with displays that ranged from abstract works to realistic nature scenes. The show continues through Jan. 27

The show includes works from nearly 40 Northgate and St. James students. The pictured student-artist is Avalon Elementary third grader Olivia Bach, whose artwork blends her original ideas with those of a Russian abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky.

"Students looked at a color study by the artist. He wanted to see what colors looked like next to each other and how certain colors evoked different feelings and emotions. They were to draw circles in each block with crayon and then were given watercolors to paint in any way that they chose, really looking at and thinking about color,” said art teacher Katie Novelli.

The show runs through Jan. 27. The final day of the show will include a closing ceremony as well as announcements of winners. The museum is open Saturday and Sunday, 1-4 p.m.