Station rehab halted

Bellevue Council did not, as expected, authorize the creation of a secure reception area further away from the current department administrative offices.

Police Chief Matt Sentner had requested that a new secure area with bullet proof glass and a reception window be constructed near the elevator in what is now the lobby. That same set-up currently exists further into the building, but in an area that also allows access to the second floor administrative offices. Sentner said that his request was the result of an “attack” on a department administrative employee. Council president Tom Fodi later clarified that it was a situation in which the employee felt threatened.

A motion to hire a contractor for the $6,000 project was pulled from Tuesday’s regular meeting agenda after council heard comments from council member Glenn Pritchard and public works supervisor Todd Giamatteo. Pritchard, in comments read by Fodi in the council member’s absence, noted that the lobby glass already is bullet-proof and does not need replaced for that reason. Giamatteo pointed out that while the glass is bullet-proof, the solid walls around it are anything but, consisting of a half inch of drywall and 2 inches of plywood. The proposed solution “won’t solve our problem,” Giamatteo said. “This is just the beginning.”

Council’s safety committee will reconsider the project.