Staff travel

A number of staff members from the Avonworth School District will be attending out-of-state events as a result of motions approved by the school board at the March 13 meeting.

Keera Dwulit and Gabrielle Swaney were to attend a DML 6 Playlists for Learning Workshop in Chicago March 20-22. This is part of the Digital Media & Learning grant awarded to Avonworth. They will present on digital badging and playlists for students, specifically associated with the Galleries Projects.

Thomas Ralston, Mike Hall, Ross Addler, Kelly Walbush, Julie Tullar, Sheila Applegate and Sarah Flower were to visit Bulldog Tech in the San Jose, CA Public School District March 15-17, for teacher residency as part of the New Tech Network professional development agreement, at a cost not to to exceed $8,211.

Scott Miller and Maureen Frew were approved to attend the MakerED Leadership Summit on May 16, in San Francisco, CA. The district