Service agreement pending

Bellevue Council is continuing to consider a utility service plan for water and sewer lines that would allow the borough’s property owners to purchase protection against costly repairs not normally covered by homeowners’ insurance.

A program offered nationwide by NLC features three areas of service – one each for water and sewer lines located outside the house but still on the property, and another for indoor plumbing. New Bellevue Council finance committee chair Anya Pikul said that the service agreement that would be available to borough residents will pay up to $8,500 per incident for repairs to exterior lines, and up to $3,000 per incident for indoor repairs.

The monthly cost per service agreement, Pikul said, is $5.75 for exterior water lines, $7.75 for exterior sewer lines, and $9.99 for interior plumbing. Finance committee member Jodi Hause said that the cost for each coverage plan could be reduced by 50 cents if the borough declines to receive a commission from NLC.

Council member Linda Woshner said that she had reviewed the terms of the coverage being offered and found them to be reasonable and fairly comprehensive. She questioned, however, whether the borough should research programs offered by other companies to make sure Bellevue residents would be getting the best deal.