School rankings released

The Pittsburgh Business Times this week released its annual ranking of 102 area school districts, which showed some movement for the two North Boroughs school districts.

The Pittsburgh Business Times uses a proprietary formula that is based on each district’s PSSA and Keystone test results, and covers a three-year period. This year’s rankings are based on test scores from 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Rankings can be affected not only by a particular district’s scores, but on the scores of other districts. For example, a district previously ranked at number one, and this year ranked at number two, did not necessarily have lower test scores for the period, but the district’s place in the rankings is affected by improvements in the performance of other districts.

Northgate was ranked at 74 of 102 districts, which actually moves the district up from the 2018 rank of 80. The report shows Northgate ranked 395 out of 493 school districts statewide. Its 15-year average rank is 60.4

The Avonworth School District was ranked at 20, down slightly from its 2018 ranking of 18. Statewide the district is ranked at 62, with a 15-year average ranking of 22.

Other school districts in the northern area scored as follows: North Hills, 12; Quaker Valley, 19; Pine-Richland, 8; North Allegheny,7; and Hampton, 6. Sto-Rox once again was ranked at 102.