Room reconfiguration

With Avonworth High School’s unused metal shop equipment on its way out, the school board has authorized a contract with an architect to reconfigure the empty space.

The district will enter into a contract with Timothy Morgan to redesign the area. He will be paid $9,800.

Although the motion was approved unanimously, some board members voiced concerns. Board members Lynn Evans McGrath and Marybeth Sommers agreed that it seemed that the board had rushed the decisions to get rid of the shop equipment and redesign the room.

McGrath said, that in the future, she would like the board to take more time on issues like this.

Sommers said that the issue never came through a board committee. According to Sommers, the idea came from high school principal Ken Lockette and straight to the the school board.

Director of fiscal management Brad Waters said that the room would not be ready for the start of the 2009-10 school year, but might be set for the second semester of 2009-10.

Superintendent Dr. Valerie McDonald noted that some of the stimulus money the district could receive

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