Remembrance Important



Sacrifice is meaningless without remembrance. It is a sad day when individuals choose not to honor former members of the Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for all Americans.

No person is required to participate in any Memorial Day parade or service. It should be noted however that in recent years, most of the 30 or more Avonworth area elected officials, borough, township or school board, have chosen or neglected to attend the Memorial Day services at the Patrick Kenny Memorial Field in their reserved seats. Thankfully a few have chosen to sit among their constituents in the stands and it should be noted that some of our elected do participate in the parade.

What happened to civic pride? The majority of Avonworth citizens have other plans. The freedoms we all enjoy are paid for by the fallen and fellow veterans.

The George Rossi letter to The Citizen editor printed in the 4 June 2010 paper was pretty much on course. However I cannot question an individual’s loyalty and patriotism. The “Editors Note” confirmed my remarks above regarding lack of attendance by our elected officials. I found it interesting as to how Mr. [Paul] Getz gave an explanation to The Citizen as to why Emsworth officials were absent at the services. And yes, most people do not condone insulting language. Are these same elected Emsworth officials also not going to attend future council meetings with LTC [David] Heflin? We are adults not in grade school. Let's act like adults.

More than ever with two ongoing military operations its clearly evident a few moments are owed to the more than 5,000 Americans and their families who have died these past nine years.

Richard (Jack) Latshaw

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