Readers break records

The top readers at Bellevue Elementary, pictured from left, are: front row -- Adam Barrett and Angelina Barbarino; middle row -- Daron Smith and Samantha Mouse; and back row -- Ryan McFarland, Jake Uccellini, Alex Skylar and Owen King. Photo by Connie Rankin for The Citizen

It was a year for breaking records in the accelerated reading program at Bellevue Elementary School.

The program, coordinated each year by teacher Lynn Tennant-Heffley, encourages students to read and understand books. Students earn points based on the difficulty of a book, and must pass a computer test that measures comprehension of each book.

At the end of the year, students have the opportunity to win prizes and cash awards based on the points they’ve accumulated.

This year, the school total earned by the students was 21,557 points, which Heffley said broke a school record and exceeded last year’s total by more than 4,000 points.

The single top reader in the school was Jake Uccellini, who became the first student to earn more than 1,000 points in one year. Jake earned 1,014.3 points and received a Kindle for his future reading.

Sixth grader Alex Skylar came in second place in his class, but also broke a school record by accumulating 698.3 points.

Top readers in the other grades were: Samantha Mouse, fifth grade, 255.2 points; Owen King, fourth grade, 314.1; Ryan McFarland, third grade, 349.2; Adam Barrett, second grade, 216.9; Angelina Barbarino, first grade, 152.6 points; and Daron Smith, kindergarten, 29.2 points.