Providing a new home for treasures

If you are a yard “saling” lover like Kellee Sadler of Avalon or if you’ve ever wondered at the saling obsession that takes over some of your friends, this weekend will give you the perfect opportunity to sale to your heart’s content. Photo by Tom Steiner for The Citizen

Hallmark has yet to cash in on the money-making potential of producing cards that commemorate National Garage Sale weekend, but Bellevue once again has put itself ahead of the curve, holding its sales tomorrow, rather than with the rest of the nation, which will observe the event next weekend.

Those who look upon saling -- the official term for cruising garage sales -- as a silly waste of Saturday mornings, as well as of money better spent, have yet to meet up with saling aficionados such as Kellee Sadler of Avalon, who confesses, "Thinking about the sales gets me through the week."

Being a "professional" saler, Kellee has developed a philosophy about her pastime that has gone beyond it being just a hobby. Kellee said that she enjoys estate sales as much as garage sales, even though some people become depressed by the array of personal items often found at them.

"I think of it as giving things a new home," she said. "Like, I look at a gate-legged, drop-leaf table and I think to myself, 'What did they serve on that table? Who sat and drank tea at that table?' Part of me feels sad because I now have something that had been someone else's treasure. But then, I think of it as a rebirth for the object. I've given it a new life, and that makes me really happy."

Kellee's most recent foray into intense saling came when she, her mother, an aunt and two cousins spent four days scouring flea markets, estate sales, garage sales and thrift shops in the Penn State-Bellefonte area, the 10th anniversary of their annual "Women's Weekend," always held the last weekend of July at this location which is central to all of their travels.

Kellee picked out a set of silver salt and pepper shakers marked "Empire Art Silver," as a favorite find from the weekend. Although tarnished, they are worth about $30, according to her husband who did some online research.

"I won't sell them," Kellee said. "I'll give them a good home."

Bellevue's 39 sales scheduled for tomorrow should have Kellee in a euphoric state, but a family visit to Erie will keep her from making the rounds. "I'm so upset! It's happening in my backyard. It's ripping my heart out!"

But Kellee can still look forward to two more months of prime saling. Saturday mornings will find her and "…anyone who wants to come along" following her carefully planned route designed to avoid backtracking.

"I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Looking through boxes. To give up that hunt -- I don't know."

And she knows what she likes. "Sometimes I'll sell things that I find, but when I find those ultimate pieces, they stay!"

Plan to spend tomorrow morning on your search for those "ultimate pieces" you just might find at any one of the dozens of Bellevue yard sales, including a benefit sale for the Bellevue Dog Woods off-leash dog park, which will be held at the park site in Memorial Park and feature cordwood, bricks and homemade dog treats in addition to a multitude of miscellaneous items. Maps to sales will be available at the Enjoy Bellevue table in McDonald’s lot and additional information is available at

Happy trails!

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