Property complaints

Ben Avon Council discussed some property matters in the borough at Tuesday's regular meeting.

Council member Earl Bohn said there is a three-story brick house off Park Avenue where several concerns have been reported. A neighbor complained that ceramic dishes were being thrown through a window screen on the second floor and breaking on the ground below.

In addition, garbage has been piling up and attracting rodents and raccoons; overstuffed furniture has been left outside to the elements; marijuana smoke has been drifting into the air; and both empty and half-filled prescription bottles have been lying around the property.

The house had changed hands three years ago and been inspected at that time, but someone pointed out that it had been turned into Section 8 federal subsidized housing last August. A question arose as to whether it should have been inspected again at that time. Ken Opipery said rental properties are required to be inspected every three years.

Bohn also mentioned property on Berringer Place, where two years ago the house had burned down and had to be demolished. Since that time, the owner has made no effort to bring it up to code, even to the standard of a vacant lot. It is overgrown and surrounded by orange plastic fencing. A neighbor has expressed interest in acquiring the property and bringing it into compliance. The question was raised as to whether the code enforcement officer should inspect the property and site the owner.

Council agreed they needed to look further into both situations.