Police nab runaway driver

An Avalon man’s efforts to avoid police were unsuccessful, and he was arrested Tuesday after wrecking his car into a house.

An Ohio Township Police officer in the area of the Avalon Loop reported hearing the sound of breaking glass as a vehicle approached him from Ben Avon, and then saw someone trying to get out of the passenger side of the moving vehicle.

The officer followed, but lost sight of the car when the driver apparently turned off the vehicle’s lights. The car was found, however, a few minutes later when it hit a house on South Chestnut Street.

Police say that Michael Wisnesky, 21, was apprehended near his home on California Avenue. he has been charged with driving under the influence, fleeing from police, and fleeing the scene of an accident.

Ohio Township Police also investigated an accident on Church Avenue in Ben Avon Wednesday night. Police say a vehicle rolled after hitting two parked cars.

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