Police get help solving Bellevue burglary

The burglary of a Keswick Avenue home became one of the easier cases to be solved by Bellevue Police, thanks to a watchful neighbor and some detective work by the son of the victim.

Bellevue Police were first called to the residence on June 28, when the owner reported a burglary. On June 29, police received a call from a neighbor reporting suspicious activity at the home. A man and a woman were reported to have parked and gotten out of a purple Chrysler PT Cruiser, then gone into the back yard. The witness reported that the pair carried pipe from the rear of the home and loaded it into the vehicle. The neighbor took photos of the couple and the vehicle and obtained a license plate number.

The couple were gone by the time police arrived, but discovered that the vehicle was registered in West Virginia to Rachel Bruno, 36. Police said Bruno was known to them from prior interactions.

The homeowner told police that some copper pipe valued at about $90 had been stolen.

Later that day, the victim’s son called police and reported that he had located the car parked in front of a home on South Howard Avenue. He also had contacted a local scrap metal business and said he had been told that Dex Deakin, who lived where the car was located, had sold some copper pipe that day.The business had obtained a copy of Deakin’s driver’s license.

Police found both Deakin and Bruno at the home. Police say the couple stated that they had been given permission by the homeowner’s daughter to take the pipe from the house.

While being placed under arrest for burglary and receiving stolen property, police say that Bruno dropped a stamp bag of suspected heroin. Both she and Deakin denied that the substance was theirs.

Police are continuing to investigate and have not yet said if Deakin and Bruno were involved in the initial burglary on June 28.