Paving bids

With bids coming in higher than available funds, Bellevue’s 2019 street paving program may have to be cut back, at least for a while.

Bids to resurface several streets and alleys came in at $312,577.90. Although Bellevue hoped to be able to do $350,000 worth of work this year, public works committee chair Linda Woshner reminded council at Tuesday’s regular meeting that $100,000 of the $350,000 total was expected to come from Columbia Gas by coordinating the borough’s paving program with the utility’s construction work. Columbia Gas has not yet committed to its 2019 projects.

Council therefore voted to spend up to $250,000 on the paving projects at this time, and allow engineer Ben Gilberti and director of administrative services Ron Borczyk to trim the plans to meet the available funding.

Council also approved the 2019 sewer lining project, awarding a contract to Insight Pipe Contracting for $267,157.

Council members Grant Saylor and Glenn Pritchard were absent.