Park rules

Bellevue Council is expected to consider the final reading of an ordinance that would ban smoking in Bayne Park, but park-goers may not see much else in the way of change to the park rules.

Parks and recreation committee chair Lynn Tennant Heffley reported at Tuesday’s pre-council meeting that the committee had reviewed the park rules and had decided that no major changes should be made, as some “tweaking” of the current rules would suffice.

The review came after an incident in which a gun was fired at the park one afternoon. In response, Police Chief Matt Sentner announced restrictions on park use, including closing the park a half-hour earlier than its regular dusk closing time, and prohibiting people from using the gazebo unless they had permits.

Resident Tom Fodi told council at Tuesday’s meeting that it was likely those restrictions were in violation of the borough’s home rule charter, as park rules are set by ordinance, and the charter requires ordinances to be amended by all of council.

Heffley said that the committee, which met with police for the rules discussion, had rejected the suggestion that people be able to bring leashed dogs to the park. Among the reasons, she said, were concerns about sanitation and liability.

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