Parents request memorial, transportation


Parents came to the Avonworth School Board’s work session Monday with two special requests: a memorial for a student who died earlier this year, and transportation for swimmers.

The first subject concerned constructing a memorial to Hannah Milbert, a sophomore at Avonworth high school, who died in a house fire in January. Intended to honor Hannah, the proposed memorial, consisting of a 20 foot circular bench with a dogwood tree in the middle, would be located outdoors in the care space at the elementary school. According to Sue Stewart, a parent, who spoke on behalf of many, the planned memorial met the school board's 702.1 policy guidelines. Stewart said the memorial already had received the verbal support of many students, teachers, community members and school board members. Hannah's mother, Maureen Milbert, had also reviewed and approved the plans, according to Stewart.

One hundred percent of the memorial will be funded outside of school, Stewart said, as she asked the school board to vote to accept the proposal when they vote at their regular meeting. “Ironically,” Steward added, “today, April 3, would have been Hannah’s 16th birthday.”

Another request by a group of parents concerned the school district providing transportation from Avonworth to Northgate for the middle school swim team.

Superintendent Tom Ralston stated that some school districts, such as Northgate and Mt. Lebanon, do not provide bus transportation for anything. He also pointed out that several other sports do not hold practices on Avonworth grounds, and those athletes do not get bused. However, he added, in the past, such transportation for swimmers had been provided when a bus was easily available. “First Student does not have extra buses or drivers sitting around waiting.” he said. From the discussions, it appeared that, if a bus was available, transportation from Avonworth to Northgate would be arranged.