Paging update

Some, but not all, of the paging system updates presented last week to the Northgate School Board were approved at this week’s regular meeting.

The board approved replacement of the high school’s original (1975) base communications system that allows announcements to be made throughout the school. That project, with work done by Horizon Information Services, will cost $17,920.

The system also will be extended to the ground floor, where the administrative offices are storage are located, at a cost of $5,640.

The board rejected proposals that would have extended the system into the stairwells ($4,425) and the exterior of the building ($9,475). Board members that a new and improved base system might be sufficient to allow students to hear announcements in the stairwell. Principal Bryan Kyle said that it is rare to have students outside during the school day, and during afterschool activities when students are outside, there would be no one in the office to make announcements.