Northgate celebrates the arts

Seniors Claire Ishiyana and Kira Blank display their abstract creations Photos by Tom Steiner for The Citizen

Northgate artists, craftsmen, and techies, along with cast members of this year’s musical, “Freaky Friday” teamed up to showcase their talents in the annual Arts Odyssey, open to the public at the high school last Friday evening.

Avalon Elementary School Principal Joseph Peacock noted, “Aside from the musical preview and performances, this year's Arts Odyssey featured over 1,000 pieces of student art and featured works across all the levels of our school district.”

Students interested in developing skills in woodcraft displayed tables, benches chairs and other original items constructed in shop classes.

Senior Meadow Conley, who had a table of her design and construction on display, has studied in such classes for four years. “I have learned so much by making my own things, such as stools, tables, bookshelves, and Adirondack chairs,” she said.

Several students in Karen. Klicker’s fourth and fifth grade science and social studies classes and in her Design and Build Club designed a variety of artistic creations made by recycling pieces of PVC pipe and plastic caps.

Seniors Claire Ishiyana and Kira Blank, co-presidents of the senior high art club explained their abstract creations which are so original that they would fit right in with art at this year’s Carnegie International.

“We used beads, buttons, wire, shells, springs, really anything that we could find on the floor in classrooms or in the hallways, and then we created the art,” Claire said.

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