No Change In Travel Policy

Bellevue Council has rejected an effort by new member Joe Kovacs to expand the list of expenses for which the borough will pay when Council members attend conferences.

The Council members remaining after nearly five hours at the regular meeting on Tuesday, May 4, voted 4-3 against Kovacs’ motion to reimburse Council members for mileage at 37.5 cents per mile, as well as for tolls paid, when they travel to conferences.

A travel policy developed by the Finance Committee and approved by Council permits members to attend two conferences per year, usually held at Seven Springs. The cost to the borough, per Council member, is approximately $600 to $700, according to Finance Committee chairman George Doscher.

Doscher said that the Finance Committee intentionally did not include mileage and tolls in the list of reimbursable expenses. Doscher said the mileage and tolls reimbursement would total about $37.

"Our theory is, ‘When is enough?’" Doscher said.

Kovacs brought his motion before Council as a whole after the Finance Committee declined to amend the policy. Voting in favor of the reimbursement, in addition to Kovacs, were Council members Ron Deer and Mike Kutschbach. Opposed were Doscher, Mark Helbling, Joe Scioscia and Council president Rich Furis. Lisa Blaney-Stewart and Jim Scisciani left the meeting early.

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