News Briefs

Kilbuck fire service

Beginning Sept. 1, fire calls in Kilbuck Township will be answered by the Emsworth and Ben Avon fire companies.

The Kilbuck Township Board of Supervisors voted unanimously at its July 28 meeting to accept offers from the neighboring boroughs to provide fire services after the Kilbuck Township Volunteer Fire Company disbands in September.

Kilbuck will be divided at Plumer Avenue for the purpose of call response, with Emsworth and Ben Avon firefighters responding to calls in their respective areas.

The service will be provided to Kilbuck free of charge through the end of the year, then the township will pay each borough $13,000 per year during the five-year agreement.

Park clean up

Bellevue will move its stockpile of bricks and cut down a row of trees at Memorial Park in order to comply with Ross Township's directive to clean up the cinder lot.

Ross wrote a letter to Bellevue after residents living adjacent to the lot on Bellevue Road in Ross complained about debris, weeds and poison ivy. Bellevue initially hoped to be able to continue to store its stockpiled street bricks in the lot, but director of administrative services Connie Flasher said that Ross does not permit the storage of building materials in residentially zoned areas, which includes Memorial Park.

Public works supervisor Tony Barbarino said that Bellevue also will cut down a number of pine trees that are overgrown and filled with poison ivy.

Shared pool passes

Residents of Bellevue and Avalon soon could be able to use season passes at either of the boroughs' pools.

Bellevue council will vote on the shared passes at next week's regular meeting.

Bellevue parks and recreation committee chairman Steve Mosolansky reported at the pre-council meeting on July 29 that anybody who has a season pool pass will be able to use either borough's pool during August.

Council members Mike Kutschbach, Mark Helbling and Lisa Blaney-Stewart were absent.

Stump removal

Bellevue residents who cut down trees located between the street and sidewalk in front of their homes may be required to remove the stumps left behind as well.

Council member Jerry Walter said at the July 29 pre-council meeting that some residents have left the stumps in place, where they continue to interfere with parking and host new growth.

According to code enforcement officer Mike Lutz, a proposed amendment to the borough's tree removal ordinance would require that the stumps be completely removed from the berm area.

Sewer repair

Officials are hoping that the emergency repair of a South Starr Avenue sewer line will cost no more than $11,000.

Bellevue Council Public works committee member Jerry Walter said at the pre-council meeting on Wednesday, that the repair of the line, which currently is leaking raw sewage, will cost at least $11,000, but only if contractor State Pipe is able to use a liner placed inside the existing sewer. Otherwise, he said, the cost could increase and repairs could involve cutting into the newly-paved state road.

Council members Mike Kutschbach, Mark Helbling and Lisa Blaney-Stewart were absent.

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