News Briefs

Settlement reached
Emsworth officials have approved a settlement for payment of back taxes by the owner of a Grant Avenue property.

Council members went into executive session at their July 8 meeting to consult with solicitor Michael Marmo about the matter, which involved a bankruptcy and court action.

The borough will receive $6,400 as part of the settlement, Marmo said.

Liquor license
Emsworth Council gave final approval July 8 to the transfer of an additional liquor license into the borough.

An ordinance authorizing the transfer of a license to a new establishment planned for Ohio River Boulevard was required because the transfer will bring the total number of licenses in the borough to three, which is one more than the state quota based on Emsworth’s population.

Beaver Avenue
Emsworth residents can expect Beaver Avenue to reopen soon.

Council member Amy Adams said that the street had been limited to one lane of traffic since part of it was washed out during heavy rains last month.

Beaver Avenue should reopen by the end of next week, Adams said.

CCTV payment
Emsworth Council has authorized a payment to Roto-Rooter for the work it has been doing on the borough's sewers.

The company is using closed-circuit television to survey the sewer lines to detect any cracks or other damage to the lines.

The expenditure of $608.39 approved at the July 8 council meeting is the second payment from the borough to Roto-Rooter. Council member Paul Getz said that the company will be paid as it completes the work.

Lot paving
The parking lot at Mayernik Field will be paved, according to a report made at Emsworth Council's regular meeting on July 8.

Council authorized Tough-Seal of Pittsburgh to pave the parking lot. The project, which will cost $2,695, includes filling the cracks, a sealing coat and painting lines on the finished lot, according to council member Amy Adams.

Fireworks donation
A donation to the North Boroughs fireworks celebration was approved by Emsworth Council at its July 8 meeting.

A donation of $750 was approved by council. The fireworks traditionally are held to celebrate Independence Day, but had to be postponed this year due to storm damage at Avalon Field.

Poster removal
People who place flyers on utility poles in Emsworth are warned that they could face fines in the future.

Council president Maria West complained at the July 8 council meeting that people were not removing the flyers, which frequently are used to announce yard sales or look for lost pets.

Solicitor Michael Marmo noted that it actually is illegal to place anything on a utility pole, and stapling flyers or posters could prove dangerous to utility workers.

West said that police officers will treat the posters left behind as litter, which could result in citations and fines.

Sheriff’s sale
Bellevue will attempt to recover unpaid taxes and fees from soon-to-be vacant properties.

The borough received a grant to demolish vacant buildings at 249 N. Balph Ave., 535 Madison Ave., 138 Davis Ave., 237 Grant Ave. and 145 Grant Ave. At the July 8 council meeting, officials voted to have the properties placed up for sheriff’s sale.

Council members Linda Woshner and Lisa Blaney-Stewart were absent.

Animal control
An agreement for animal control with Spencer & Friends was approved by Bellevue Council at its regular meeting on July 7.

Police Chief Matt Sentner said that the borough will pay Spencer & Friends a fee per service.

Council members Linda Woshner and Lisa Blaney-Stewart were absent.

VASCAR purchase
The Bellevue Police Department's new, unmarked car will be equipped with a VASCAR speed detection device.

The purchase of the device was approved at Bellevue Council's meeting on July 7.

Council member Jane Braunlich said that she opposed the purchase because research indicated that the device was inaccurate. Police Chief Matt Sentner said that another option, ENRADD, would cost $5,000 to $6,000.

The purchase of the VASCAR device, which will cost up to $800 was approved by a 6-1 vote, with Braunlich opposed.

Clerk hiring
The hiring of an administrative office clerk was preliminarily approved by Bellevue Council at its July 7 meeting.

Although hirings must be done by resolution, council approved a motion to hire Carol Dornetto for the position currently held by Christina Mandus. Mandus has resigned, and will work only until Aug. 14.

The motion authorized paying Dornetto $12.50 per hour.

Investigator conference
Two Bellevue Police officers will attend a crime scene investigation conference at a cost of $790.

The training was approved by Bellevue Council at its July 7 meeting.

Park lighting
Bellevue Council has authorized the purchase of two lights that will be placed at two of the borough's parks.

The flag at Memorial Park will have new lighting, as will the doughboy statue at Bayne Park. The lighting is expected to cost about $1,300.

Window bids
Bellevue will readvertise for bids to replace windows at Bayne Library.

Director of administrative services Connie Flasher reported at the July 7 council meeting that no one had responded to an earlier ad for bids, but that two contractors had expressed interest after the bid deadline.

PSAB conference
Emsworth Council voted July 8 to send two borough officials to PSAB's Legislative Conference.

Council approved spending $805 to send the officials to the conference, which will be held in Erie Oct. 16-18.

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