New Parking Meters

New, electronic parking meters may soon be gracing the streets and parking lots of Bellevue.

Bellevue Council voted unanimously at its regular meeting on May 4 to purchase electronic mechanisms that can be operated with a key in addition to coins. Drivers who regularly park at meters will be able to purchase keys encoded with a specific amount of money, said Director of Administrative Services David Golebiewski.

Golebiewski cited the other advantages of electronic meters as being able to track not only parking space use but money deposited in the meters, getting parking receipts earlier through the prepurchase of keys, lower collection costs due to the fewer coins deposited, and less chance of significant loss due to vandalism or meters being broken into.

Council accepted the low bid of Duncan Technology, which can supply 325 parking mechanisms at a total cost of $32,375. The borough will try to use as many of the current housings as possible, but will need to replace some. Council agreed to try the meters in the borough’s parking lots before installing them along the streets.

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