More “Magic” in Bellevue

Although Bellevue Mayor Emily Marburger is under fire for using tax dollars without approval to pay for the WizardVue festival last August, that didn’t stop her from using the services of the borough’s DPW to cover the Route 65 Bellevue entrance sign (pictured above), again without approval, to advertise the upcoming WizardVue Two.

If you see smoke in Bellevue, it probably isn’t coming from the dragon perched atop Bellevue Elementary, but from Bellevue Council chambers.

Just days after council ordered an investigation into the unapproved expenditure of nearly $10,000 in tax monies for WizardVue last August, officials found that the public works crew had been used to cover the Route 65 “Bellevue -- Live, Worship, Shop” sign with an advertisement for WizardVue Two.

The festivals are supposed to be fund-raisers for the Friends of Bayne Library, and the responsibility of that organization, but Mayor Emily Marburger has been the driving force behind the events. In fact, several elected officials as well as Bellevue’s borough manager confirmed that the Bellevue sign was covered with no prior approval by any officials, and that Marburger had approached the DPW about doing the work.