Mold addressed

A recent problem at the Avonworth Elementary School and its alleviation was explained to members of the school board during the October 8 meeting.

Brad Waters, director of fiscal management and support services, detailed the district's prompt response to an elementary teacher's complaint of odd smells in the classroom.

After checking various locations in the classroom, including vents and air conditioning, as well using a dehumidifier, a company was called in to perform air samples.

The results of the air samples were received on Oct. 5. Mold readings on nine of the 11 types tested were in "acceptable" ranges, however, for two types of mold, "high" readings were obtained.

Allied Remedial Technical Services were immediately contacted. Over the weekend, the company addressed the problem areas in two classrooms as well as a wall in a third room. Measures taken included cleaning, sealing/caulking, replacing ceiling tiles, and running air "scrubbers." When completed, additional air samples were taken, and acceptable levels were then found throughout the entire area. The district received a report from the company stating that they felt the areas were "safe for the return of students and teachers."

To prevent problems reoccurring, several additional measures will be taken by the district including cutting down bamboo on the south side of the building that blocks sunlight, thus keeping the ground wet.