Mayor to veto ordinance

Bellevue Mayor Paul Cusick said that one of his final acts in office will be to veto the 2018 salary ordinance adopted by Bellevue Council Tuesday evening. The move comes after council refused to provide administrative employees with salary increases comparable to what union employees receive under their contracts.

Cusick had proposed a budget in which administrative employees – most of which are female – would receive the same 2.5 percent pay increase as the collective bargaining agreements provide for police, fire and public works employees. A majority of council, however, wanted the raises limited to 2 percent because, according to council members Tom Fodi and Kathy Coder, council had not received adequate personnel evaluations of the administrative employees.

The mayor said that the borough had more than enough money to cover the raises for administrative employees, as the projected carry-over of about $147,000 actually will exceed $200,000.

Council went into executive session to clarify that employees hired mid-year would be re-evaluated for raises on the anniversary date of their hiring.

The salary ordinance was approved in a 6-2 vote, with Henry Lenard and Lynn Tennant Heffley opposed. Voting for the ordinance were Coder, Fodi, Grant Saylor, Vencent Menosky, Tom Hrynda and Michael Kendall. Linda Woshner was absent.

Council also approved ordinances setting the 2018 budget and property tax rate, which will not change, as well as garbage collection fees, which will go up less than 2.5 percent per the contract with Waste Management.